Notes from Members

  • plodding hippo says: Let me at it!!!!!!!!!
  • Schnecke says: Great - don't have to start training for months ;-)
  • More of a Tortoise says: Definitely won't be running but will offer support and/or massage :)
  • MarkC says: It's back and so am I! :)
  • AlB says: Aiming to do this one - have supported it in the past and it has a lovely atmosphere.
  • Gasheader says: This will be my first marathon - now just a insi tinsi bit off training to do.
  • Wheabs says: My first marathon!
  • clairster says: looking forward to this already :)
  • Konaboy says: Going for sub 3:45
  • Tango (Adam) says: i'll be running the abingdon marathon again!! it was the first marathon i did back in 2005.
    it will add to the other marathons i have done. one more step to getting in to the guinness book!
    if you would like to now why ask me.......
  • smoke free says: i'm in and can't blidey wait.........
  • Lumsdoni says: Bring it on!
  • flanker says: can't afford Berlin, so looks like it's down the road instead ;-)
  • Laura27 says: Not 100% confirmed, but want to do it! :-)
  • Snapstinget says: Am.
  • heres johnny says: im doing this for the first time one and only marathon before was on the isle of wight got to be easier isnt it ?
  • bree says: My first marathon
  • KerryGold says: Ran this race in 2005 finishing time 3:35 aiming to run under 3:30 this year, 3:25 would be nice!
  • libra says: Aiming for 3:36
  • Mr Woo says: Entered ages ago, Going for sub 3:30 along with suzywoo
  • BEAGLE79 says: Can anyone tell me if we got our race number in our entry pack ? Not sure if ive lost mine or didnt get one.
  • wozzlehunter says: i'm in , and looking to bury my london demon's.
  • st bernard says: number arrived 652 aiming for a sub 3.30 :-)
  • leysrunner says: is it that time already? I'd better get my kit then.
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