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A group for those aiming for consistency or who like to have a monthly target. If you add your name to the group you will appear in the monthly round up. If you later decide to leave the group drop me an fmail so that I can remove you from my spreadsheet. Ta.

Notes from Members

  • fatgirlslim says: After narrowly missing out last year (952 miles in 2012) I am determined to break 1000 miles this year and am aiming for 100 per month
  • Dick Spandex says: Failure last year due to illness in December. Illness is not an option in 2013!!!
  • Pixxy says: January has gone well, hopefully this group will motivate me during the year when the going gets tough. Good luck everybody.
  • John Tovell says: I'm in!
  • KathrynH says: I've had this set as a personal target for about the last 8 months and managed it just 3 times I think. Brilliant to find a group to share motivating supportive / sass-talk with!
  • JRitchie says: 4 out of 12 last year when I completed my first marathon. Want to hit the dozen this year.
  • Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) says: I finally managed this target in 2012 so this year I am aiming for a repeat performance.
  • ChrisHB says: To prove I can run another year without injury!
  • Kirsty says: I achieved my target of 1000 miles in 2012 so this is a good target for next year.
  • samson says: Need to get my rear end into gear after a naff 2012!
  • The Terminator says: This should help keep me motivated come May, gald to be on board again, thanks USB
  • annadav says: Let's do it!!!
  • Drell says: Moving up a notch from 1111 miles in 2012
  • Da Big Guy says: 1226 miles in 2012, but only 6 x 100+ and 4 x 90+. Will do my best in 2013
  • Shortstuff says: Consistency for me....I've never run a full year in my life......massive challenge for me....good luck everyone...
  • Old Man says: Back for another year!!
  • colettedeann says: been running nearly a year - mananged 100 nov and dec - think i can manage it consistly this year

    managed 100+ again for january :)
  • BanksyMeUk says: Will give it a go...
  • Jon_T says: Will be aiming to get accross the line this year after injury in October put paid to 2012 effort
  • tipsku says: 7/12 this year with 1150 miles on the clock, an improvement on 2011 with 6/12 and 1079 miles. Aim for 2013: get over 1200 miles and at least 8/12 months with 100+ miles.
  • FRU (KeepTheFaith) says: A chief motivator to keep the miles flowing, I'm in!
  • Yorkshire Lass says: Count me in!
  • GuyG says: Here's hoping to do the full twelve again! :-)
  • Mags351 says: hope this helps to keep me motivated, need to enter some races, really enjoying parkrun
  • Maxvaxine says: Went the wrong way and no running in April and May. Maybe aim for Autumn marathon (Kielder??) dependent on new trainers and rediscovery of any motivation whatsoever. Ive run in pain for 6m and quite like not limping everywhere since Ive stopped. Comeback trail starts tonight (June 5)
  • Silver Strider says: With less time spent training for triathlon this year and my key events being Ultras I expect to finish the year on my highest ever mileage. Hope to pass last years 6 months and get close to 10 months of 2010.
  • Rach452 (brandstifterin) says: Never managed a 100 miles a month for more than a couple of months... a personal challenge :-)

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