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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Cycling Mileage Target List 2013

19 members [See all]

A place to declare cycling mileage aspirations for 2013. No number too big (please don't take that as a personal challenge, Gymfreak) or too small.

I shall try to produce a list of percentages achieved by everyone in the group at the end of each month.

Notes from Members

  • hairlikeeddy says: 5000 is possible. I think. Maybe. Maybe more.
  • Lorraine says: I will aim for 1200 this year.....
  • Pidd says: target 1600, going OK
  • Dai Bank says: Ok I'm in
    1500 miles off road with ambition for 2000 miles weather dependent
  • Stepford Wife says: 20 hours a month minimum. Whatever mileage that leads to
  • GregP says: 2,000 for me, please.
  • MoscowFlyer says: *Amended 24/2/13* 5000 miles
  • Lisa T says: OK - I'm going to go for 1250.
  • Sushi. says: 1250 for me please
  • eL Bee! says: For want of a specific number I'll aim for....... errr..... 10,000 miles :-)
  • Ahote says: I'll go for 3000 and hopefully manage a wee bit more.....
  • AstraKhanGentry says: I reckon 1000 miles is a good target to start with :)
  • The Terminator says: 1800 miles for me please
  • Longwayround [LWR] says: Hang on, Mrs LWR has also gone for 1000 miles. In that case, 1120.
  • peachy says: I think I should be able to hit 1500 miles this year
  • Nick Cook says: 1700 for me.
  • tiamo69 says: as a Re-Born Cyclist From June 2012 (pre Le tour & Olympics) i'll publicly admit to having 1000 as my published target but want to go higher

    (all depends on life; BMWs, getting a decent road bike as cheap as possible & possibly getting an indoor trainer time will tell...)
  • CStar says: 1750. 2000 might be doable even.
Group admin: fetcheveryone