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A collective of mad Fetchies aiming for 700 miles in the year. Unofficially the best group on Fetch!

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  • Velociraptor says: My official "A" target for running is 720 miles, but 700 is as near as dammit and this seems to be where the party is. If you run or race in my neck of the woods, the cake and tea is on me. And you'll need it by the time you've found the place ;)
  • StormProof says: Looks like the target for me this year! Watch some injury go and spoil it!!!
  • WeimaRunner says: You buying SS? If so then yes!
  • robroy says: I ran 400+ in 2012 and wanted to aim higher. On track so far and doing first half marathon in March
  • Shortstuff says: Just the 2 of us WR....:-) fancy a pint? :-)
  • Evangel says: 'cos everyone in it is nuts/crackers/mad.
  • Debart says: Would love to run this many miles in 2013 and complete my first marathon this year
  • wrxmania says: After running 600+ miles in 2012 I am now aiming to run 700+ in 2013.
  • Little Nemo says: Probably won't make the mileage but it should be fun on the way :-)
  • Autumnleaves says: Target is 750 (set by someone else ;) ) - managed 575 in 2012 with a month out due to injury so fingers are crossed. Think keeping up with the thread will be far harder than running the miles...
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