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Victims are now being allocated :) If you haven't signed up yet, sorry, you had long enough, you'll have to wait until next year!

Happy stalking folk! It would be appreciated if all gifts could be POSTED by the END OF NOVEMBER

and FINALLY when you have posted and received your parcels can you update the spreadsheet below so that the elves can keep an eye on things. Please also post what you got because we're all dying to know what each other got and your SS will be hoping you enjoy your gift.


From the Fetchmass Elves, weekatiepea and Chicken Licken x

As previous years please state if you are

a) happy to receive anything - and be prepared for what that may be

b) if you would like your SS to be a little careful with your gift i.e. nothing rude/inappropriate.

Budget - somewhere around £5-£10, its about being affordable and fun. But I dont imagine anyone will mind if you wish to spend a little more.

Also if you wish to join please join in the fun on the thread, most of the excitement around SS is learning a little about the person you are going to buy for and it makes it VERY difficult if we have nothing to go on, I'm not saying write a wish list of things you'd like but a few hints here and there never go astray.... we can pick up ideas from the threads you post on and blogs etc. Most of all though enjoy and a very early Merry Fetchmas from me xx

Notes from Members

  • Autumnleaves says: Not rude please - daughter would never let me hear the end of it. Looking forward to stalking ...
  • Debstir says: I'm not a prude but nothing rude :)
  • Magbag says: Nothing too rude.

    Easy to stalk check
  • AstraKhanGentry says: OH, known as longwayround tells me that there might still be room for a littl'un. Is he right, I'll play if I can, ta
  • The Scribbler says: Hopefully I post enough to make things easy for my stalker. I like home made things, nice stationery and pens and I actually appreciate socks (running or other) and I never get socks (you watch, this will be the year everyone buys me socks). I live in the North East where it gets quite cold and I do triathlons, so lots of sport related possibilities :-)
  • barking says: Im in! :) My parents are fairly open minded....but nothing too extreme please! :S I can't do latex rubber (that probably fits in the "not too extreme" box, doesn't it...) because I am allergic to it (above board, honestly, I work surrounded by the stuff (that sounds worse)), and am limited on my ability to use bath type stuff (the joy of being an asthmatic/eczema person!). Other than that... surprise me! I am sure my blog shall grow some hints before November ;)
  • Weekatiepea says: I have two small children so some 'me-time' would be appreciated! I love reading, although don't really have the time for it. I like to be pampered, I like chocolate (particularly anything with a shell like mini-eggs, snowballs, smarties), I run (but I also orienteer and geocache) and I am doing my first ultramarathon in March. I think I am pretty easily pleased actually but I'm not that into smellies!
  • Duchess says: Easy going, no small children in the vicinity, love surprises :-)
  • Winniefree says: No rudity for me please - kids in the house. Love music, love running, love eating, love reading, love long bubbly baths, love surprises, not fussy at all!
  • WA says: Nothing rude please!
  • becca7 says: Nothing rude please. I put some ideas on my profile page.
  • Jon_T says: Riskay is ok, not too rude though please.
  • ultracollie says: anything goes but if rude put a snowflake on the package so can open away from kids/and/or wife lol ;-)
  • Meglet says: No rude things!
  • geordiegirl says: Christmas time mistletoe and wine...... Thanks santaselves :)
    I'd like to think that I am fairly easy to please, love most things although while I am quite laid back I dont really like things too roode. Love socks have tried and failed to knit some socks :( love smellies and relaxing in the bath, like quirky things and am overall a little bit crazy. But all that said I just love that someone I dont know has thought to buy me a SS present so thank you x
  • Thistle. says: I like running, no, I really do. Like music, reading, watching any sport. On feet all day at work so like relaxing time :-)
  • Tiggia says: Nothing rude please, I will hopefully be a very tired, very new mum by then!
  • Ron Burgundy says: Be as rude as you like :-)
  • Holburnmum says: Happy with anything,looking forward to the stalking ! lol
  • Wriggling Snake says: Pants, I am short of pants. Medium. Honest. :-). I will think of some other stuff too.
  • Chicken Licken says: whoo hooo - No dove products please!! Don't mind rude, big or chocolate covered!!ooh cinnamon, I love cinnamon - candles, sweets.... I am a keen crafter, enjoy quilting.
  • PaulaMc says: Nothing rude, but other than that pretty much anything goes :-)
  • Cloggy says: I'm quite easily pleased and would like to apologise in advance for living abroad.... Happy Fetchmas and happy stalking/shopping!! :) xx
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: getting excited :) Dowm at the Christmas residence so nothing tooo rude that will need explaining-did have to explain spotty knickers from m&s one year!! I am a sensitive soul when it comes to smellies x
  • Foxy says: happy with anything :) I like running !!! FFS !!
  • run-forest-run says: Happy with most things, obviously love running but nothing rude please :-)
  • pinkladykat says: hmmm up for anything but if rude maybe say something on the wrapping like rated 18 lol i love animals pj are needed . anything to help with london marathon training but no flowery smels as they will make me sick no no lavander please . but love food and love pink purple as you can see cant spell but like to read . oh i think a fetch has written a book hint there
  • Star says: nothing rude please :-) will try and put clues in a blog or my profile status - thanks muchly to Santa and the Elves
  • Silvershadow says: Looking forward to this. *polishes stalking glasses*. Nothing rude please.
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: Some hints - nothing rude as I'll open it in front of my elderly parents. Have tons of allergies to foods and smellies so probably best avoided. Stalk me on Twitter, Facebook and my Amazon wishlist and you'll get tons of ideas. I'm not nearly as hard to buy for as you might think.
  • Iron_Mum says: Nothing rood here pls as have to open in front of elderly mother ;-) I am very easy to please, love running, cooking, chocolate, pretty things, reading and that.
  • Metro_Nome says: the ruder the better ;) I love running... and cake... and vodka... and boys
  • CStar says: I am a runner and cyclist. Most things go. Socks are good, size 9-91/2. Will post more as we get closer.
  • LorraineS says: nothing rude
  • London Nici says: No chocolate penis for me either. Lol. Other than that anything goes. Love bright colours. Love to read. My ears get cold when I run at night. (can't wait to find out who I get to stalk!).
  • plodding hippo says: Anything goes really! My OH is used to me meeting weirdos off the internet now
  • Running on the Spot says: Anything is good, bit cheeky is ok
  • alifrobertson says: I'm easily pleased/amused and not easliy offended ;)
  • Kimbles says: Easy pleased but nothing grossly rude. Risky is okay :-) PS: I dont have a bath! :-)
  • The Terminator says: Nothing rude please, anything running, reading, food or music related is good. Most family will be buying me things to help on next years challenge....
  • FraserFud says: greetings earthlings.
  • tuga says: Nothing rude please - kids in the house. I like running, I like books running/sport relate ‘A Life Without Limits’, ‘Running Through the Wall: Personal Encounters with the Ultramarathon’, ‘THE EXTRA MILE: One Woman's Personal Journey to Ultra-Running Greatness’, ‘Daniels' Running Formula: Proven programs: 800 m to the marathon’ are some of the examples that I would like to have
  • PenW says: Nothing rude please. I like most things - sweet stuff, chocolate (I don't eat nuts), pampering stuff, relaxing stuff, things to keep me warm when I run (or don't run) as it gets cold up here!
  • Pinkliverbird inapeartree says: Nothing too rude please because of the kids. I love cooking, eating, wining and dining, particularly food and alcohol from around the world. The only chocolate I really like is the very expensive continental chocolate (so that's out unless my SS is a millionaire) (I'm not by the way). I love weird and wacky things and I'm definitely not a typical girlie, and of course I love running - the long distance kind. Will try to give more hints later in thread/blogs etc ;-)
  • Toks says: I will love any related running stuff e.g books, milk chocolate I am a bit of a sweet tooth :-) but I will be grateful for any pressie :-)
  • Longwayround [LWR] says: My counsellor once gave me homework to 'do something that isn't intellectual'. I failed.
  • farawawayvoices says: Am I too Late ?
  • kaiser says: Hi im easy going , only things I do is work , run ( for fun - only started this year and around after 2 kids) and read. Love food and drink and absolutely love surprises of any shape or form. Never have enough me time .
  • RedWineRunner says: I should probably give up some clues, although I think I'm fairly easy to stalk around the interwebs.

    Likes: booze, cats, rugby, nerdy things, alternative and goth stuff. Dislikes: children, girly things, chocolate, smellies.

    Perfectly happy for something 18+
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