Notes from Members

  • Peregrinator says: Yup, can do this one I think. What customs, traditions and faux pas are there? Do I need to turn up wearing reindeer antlers or kilt?
  • ChrisHB says: planning to come...
  • Watford Wobble says: Will be equipped to fish out that £1 coin in the drain we spotted last visit.
  • Rosehip says: Will try to make this and will bring cake :)
  • J123 says: Thanks, Mr HL.
  • arbster says: Joining for the 2017 event
  • dynamic snail says: Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 1st!
  • EdJ says: Hoping to make the 2015 Sandy event - given that I live there.
  • RichHL says: It's all my fault. Again.
  • icemaiden says: Could be up for this - going to lurk!
  • macapple says: Will try my very best to make this one, thank your Rich for organising
  • Hills of Death (HOD) says: Sounds good
  • GlennR says: I hope it snows.
  • Schnecke says: Hardly dare believe I can actually make this one ....
  • slowfish says: I can hopefully make this!
  • ChrisHurk says: How can it be number 8 already!
  • Cog Noscensme AHA says: Looking unlikely
  • TeeBee says: Hoping to make this, one year..
  • Serendippily says: My first mile race
  • Carpathius says: I am definitely coming to this!
  • Eynsham Red says: 2019: A bit of a different challenge; like a sprint!
  • Elsie Too says: Looks like I'm coming and bring a sister and niece.
  • Helegant says: Whe I said I'd do this I had two working feet. This may turn out to be second spectator Jingle mile.
  • 1step2far says: 2019... will come and meet new Fetchies!
  • Gobi says: Maybe !!!
  • FenlandRunner says: Yeah, I'm ready for some light jogging.
  • Velociraptor says: Provided I'm not out of action.
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