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So there's no funding (lottery or otherwise) for anyone but a couple of established marathon runners leading up to 2012 and the only money available seems to be getting splashed on sprinters with a penchant for diamond earings and flouncing about like peacocks for hours in preparation for less than a minute's actual effort.

Fetchies, Romans, Countrymen! We can change that.

I reckon if we all chipped in then a bursary/grant/scholarship type arrangement could keep an up and coming marathon runner in gels and plimsoles for a year, thus saving the poor thing having to learn how the fries machine is operated while working towards that all-important fifth star.

If there's 'no money' in the sport then the only practical means we have of changing that is to put some in ourselves and demonstrate to sponsors that it can be a viable commercial proposition.

Here are some random thoughts about how such a thing could work:

1,500 people paying £20 = £30K but I don't see a cash-strapped athlete turning their nose up at even a few hundred quid if it keeps them in shoes for a year or summat. Reckon we could get Natmag involved to match it if a good CBA (cost/benefit analysis not 'it's too cold to go for a run' ;-) ) can be made.

Marathon runner, 2012 medal prospect. Age and gender immaterial. (we're an equal opportunities bunch of loonies)

I reckon finding someone would be easy, given the club and coaching links we've got available.

The benefactor/victim would be encouraged to 'join in' here but as a bare minimum would be expected to log their training and make it visible to sponsors.

Maybe UKA would like to get involved and combine any Fetchie revenue with one of their own (lottery or no) programmes?


Fetch is usually more inclusive rather than focussing on elite running but I reckon the community sponsorship/ownership of this would counter that argument.

When money's involved things get tricky legally. Trust fund? Ask the MyFootball club peeps etc. etc.

What if the recipient's a donkey? Can we ditch them and get another one after a year?

Check back for updates and if all goes well, actual real life 'decisions'.

Notes from Members

  • Racin Snail says: sounds in principal a great idea,lots of hard work to actually sort out but doing this and failing is better than doing nothing. I'm in with the £20. Dont know how much help i can actually be mind!
  • TomM says: Neat idea. Count me in for the £20.
  • Snapstinget says: Where is the dotted line?
  • drunkenmunky says: A great idea. I will be willing to pay £20. I am also one of the 20,000 My Football Club members whose new favourite team is Ebbsfleet United!
  • rollerman says: Great idea if we can make it work, maybe inspiration for all of us!
  • SarahL says: Great idea. I'm in, defo. Just tell me what I need to do and how to do it...
  • smoke free says: i think this a belting idea and would sacrifice my paltry friday night beer money for a week if i thought that somebody (yes, even called nigel or aubrey) could take how i feel about this wonderfull sport, add a bucket load of ability, train like a b£&^"d and not have to waste time or valuable energy trying to scrape a living, would become 'our' representative at 2012... cue rocky theme tune.....
  • Garf says: Great idea hoax
  • Orlando84 says: I'd gladly donate £20, it's ridiculous that UK Athletes pretty much have to reach world-class level off their own backs, and only then get funding... I'd even more gladly be the recipient/fetchenstein! ;)
  • Jodes82 says: I think this is a genius idea, is it going ahead and where can I donate?
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