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Want to run a sub 42 10k? Here's the group to help you do it. And here's a thread where you can talk all about it:

Notes from Members

  • Lyra OK says: Trying to catch the elusive sub 20 5k this year and hoping a sub 42 10k might happen as a result.
  • Big Al Widepants says: Smells absurdly ambitious for me. But hey, you gotta try.
  • Jon_T says: Its going to be a big ask, but Im game
  • Half Empty says: A bit out of shape so may take me a while but will get there eventually
  • RichHL says: It's only six and a wee bit, just under seven minute miles.
  • The Terminator says: You gotta be in it to win it, bring it on
  • MissingPhoenix says: going to have try for this off the back of marathon training before I get too unfit!
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