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Défis de natation - Une aile de l'hôtel Bastardos.

A generic group for anyone interested in celebrating swimming achievement. Occasional swim TTs and other piscean challenges will feature (Aspire channel swim springs to mind, amongst others). Join this group and you'll get to hear about all the aquatic mayhem Fetch has to offer.

Current challenge: Getting our sorry arris's back in the pool after Hogmanay!

swim = :-)

Notes from Members

  • Kimbles says: Anything to get my training back on track ;-) Its been sadly lacking of late and I need structure!
  • The Scribbler says: I'm in.
  • JEB1974 says: I'm in. Love the TT idea.
  • Mrs Winkle says: I'll give this a go :)
  • Angus Clydesdale says: swim = :-)
  • LazyDaisy says: Will be covering myself in grease and setting off this week!
  • Little Nemo says: Takes the plunge ;-) As a newbie I'll only be doing the shortest stuff and will be v. v. slow!
  • activeight says: I'm in. Does this mean I've got to count my lengths accurately - that will be the biggest challenge for me ;-)
  • Luiz says: Definitely up for a TT challenge. I need to get back into the pool :-)
  • Woffy says: hopefully will do better this year (again)
  • Dvorak says: Channel Swim time again :-) I seem to have started already.
  • Nick Cook says: ok - started
  • Tomsmum says: Swimming swimming swimming all day long
  • Nellers says: How did I miss this group for so long? I've been back and swimming pretty regularly for most of the last 18 months. Time to crank it up? You betcha!
  • Nickid says: Back swimming- and loving it! :)
  • Blackbird Leys (boy) says: Long distance running is my sport but have also done a few triathlons. Aiming to do a long open water swim soon.
  • Helegant says: I quite like getting wet.
  • GimmeMedals says: I'm new to proper swimming, as opposed to splashing from one end of the pool to the other.
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