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  • mulbs says: I am very slow but I am proud that I run, so thought I should join this, I have never gone under the hour on a 10k, my fastest half marathon was around 2.5 hrs and my only marathon to date 5 hrs 48 mins. I am super chuffed if I get a 10 something in my mins per mile calculatin occasionally. Have never seen single digits for that . .. do I qualify?
  • FML says: Every year I am getting slower, last pb was 2009. Came last in East Hull 20 in 2012 and loved it SAP
  • Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble) says: "No matter how slow I run I am faster than my couch" - Anon.
  • Lip Gloss says: I like being near the back, it means I have all the time in world to get better lol
  • DoricQuine says: Me and my little leggies party at the back! LOL
  • MissChappo says: getting slower by the day it seems
  • highlandfea says: hit 46 and decided its "time"
  • Highland JB says: Glad to find some like minded and legged runners, few and far between in my neck of the woods.
  • PinkTink-RRR says: I never liked running, even at school I used to bunk off PE lessons.
    Being 4 stone over weight probably doesn't help!
    I started running last year, January 2013. I had dabbled a bit before but always gave up. being married to a running fanatic, I could see the benefits of being part of a local running community.
    I now run a few times a week, pretty slowly, but I still do it. I joined Reading Roadrunners and now have a huge friendship circle with other runners.
    I think I will stick at it this time!
    I may be slow but I am proud of what I do.
  • Nutso Lazytoad! says: When running uphilll I chant to myself "tight bum george Clooney here I come" Lol
  • Dewines says: Always found running hard. Gave up many times. Starting again at the age of 60 and glad to find a group where slowness is OK.
  • fermoitie says: How slow do I have to be to be proud about it?
  • sweeny says: I have got the slow part to a tee just need to work on being proud :-)
  • Lemon10 says: If you can't eat a flapjack while you run you are going too fast, picnic pace is where it's at!
  • Helegant says: Starting running again, from sub-couch level but already seeing some progress. 2016 was a year of mimbling consistently. 2017 is time to pick up feet.
  • RevBarbaraG says: Dipping my toes (slowly) in the water
  • alpenrose says: I think I may be a bit slow for this group after looking at all your times and distances, but I'm still trying. :-)
  • Wazelle says: I've always been slow, but am now reaching new heights of slowness - honestly I try hard and it is running not walking
  • JulieL says: I'm very slow but proud to be able to say I keep trying.......losing at least 3 stone in weight would help 😟
  • poppyH says: Definitely slow, learning to be proud of getting out there.
  • la abeja says: I'm very, very slow. But very, very proud of being very, very slow.
  • ColinH49 says: I don't run far and I don't fast, but I run!
  • ferret says: The legs are turning over & appear to be running but not travelling
  • Chramies says: Fastest (or least slow) year was 2014-15 - since then I've been progressively slower and probably won't get the sub-hour 10k or beat my 2:10 HM PB. Ever. Do I mind? No. I run so as to run.
  • Mountkeen says: Realised I was never going to be anything other than a plodder when I was passed by a giant willie during a race many years ago. Since then I have, if anything, got slower.
  • Big Steve says: I am old(64). Fat(130kg) and very slow(12min/mile on a good day) not so proud yet
  • Churchy_7 says: Slower than I used to be. Body is older and injury prone but I'm enjoying it
  • Stewie says: Older, shorter and fatter but back running :)
  • Mandymoo says: I plod
  • Heinzster says: A group I can achieve in! Good at being slow 😁🐢
  • xt350 says: at last.. can i play please
  • early bird says: Struggling slow runner trying to get back into it
  • slowblonde says: Excellent at running and talking (aka slow running!)
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