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This is a group for people wanting a monthly target instead of (or as well as) a yearly one.

Please join if you'd like to appear in the monthly round up.

If you decide for whatever reason to leave the group could you either post on the thread or let me know by fmail so that I can take you off the spreadsheet. Otherwise it takes me ages working out why I have more people on the spreadsheet than in the group!

Right, lets get running :-)

Notes from Members

  • Non-runner says: I'll go for this - should be achieveable if I can avoid injury (unlike last year).
  • Sazzahazza says: I joined this group in 2011 and failed :-( on a mission to crack it for 2012- BRING IT ON!!
  • BishopLenBrennan says: Correct about July being difficult, never mind the holiday....I got GOUT!!!! IN MY R BIG TOE!!! Arrrggghhh!
  • Silver Strider says: I just can't stay away, probably because I still haven't managed it yet, but there is no harm in trying :-)
  • GuyG says: started the month with 9 days off to rest calf...just scraped in with 103!!
  • Ski says: After going over on my ankle in Dec 11 I thought this group may be a little bit ambitious. Despite Jan 12 being a testing month I’m back on track! 11 out of 12 will be acceptable!
  • The Terminator says: I'm in again :-)
  • Johnny Blaze says: I should've ran today. I didn't :-)
  • run-forest-run says: Great support from this group last year, I'm back for 2012 - bring it on :-)
  • ChrisHB says: Looking forward to another year of consistent and injury-free running. I support my membership of the group by achieving its aims in each of the past two years.
  • Flip Flop says: Looking for more consistancy this year. Hit 10/12 last year so hoping for the full set in 2012
  • Old Man says: Yep, I'm in for it again :-)
  • FRU (KeepTheFaith) says: 2011 was first accomplishment of 100 per month... let's see what 2012 brings! :-)
  • Yorkshire Lass says: Count me in for 2012 please!
  • Foxy says: go on then ;)
  • Toks says: Just 92 out of target last year, hopefully hit the 1200 target this year and good luck fetchies :-)
  • Jon_T says: I'll be giving this a go, only managed 4/12 last year, but up for the challenge
  • caw says: Go on then I'll give it a go after a pathetic end of year mileage in 2011!
  • tipsku says: trying to improve from 6/12 in 2011 to more than 6/12 in 2012 *edit* did it, 7/12, so I'm aiming for 8/12 in 2013. See you all in the 100 miles every month in 2013 group
  • PeterG says: Hi just finished marcothon last month and looking for a similar set up to drive up my miles
  • GlennR says: What's the worst that could happen?
  • CottamRunner says: After 4/12 in 2010 and 9/12 last year I'm hoping to get the full set in 2012! Good luck all! :-)
  • Alex B says: 11/12 for 2011 so let's try and go one better.
  • Scout240 says: Bad start to year been full of cold, but 18 days to do 97 miles in Jan, may be leaving group in Feb, but ill give it a good go
  • DeeGee says: This year. Yes. This year!
  • zuistu says: Thats me acheived 100 miles in the cold and Icey months of january and February, should be easy to get through the next 10 warm summery months. yes?
  • Smout says: Hoping this keeps me at it post VLM. Motivation come May please :)
  • darkhorse says: Only just found you. First year of trying. Up tp June so far so good, slight niggle at the moment. May need some help

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