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  • Repkafanclub says: Sucessful if only just in 2011 although its the most productive year in a while. If injury free hope to do a bit more than the 1000. Good luck to everyone involved.
  • steptoe says: managed it in2010 so back for another crack at it
  • Special*K says: Managed 1000 in 2010, missed it by over 200 miles in 2011. Will it be 1000 in 2012?
  • DickyF says: I think i am somewhere in the middle of 1000-1500miles......hope i dont burn out come september
  • Turkhish says: Good work Southendal in taking over the group....I think girlie has too many committments for 2012.
  • Soggous says: I ran 800 miles last year (my first year running). Hope I can achieve 1000 this year.
  • Bignose says: Wonder if i will still be watching this thread in december
  • Raspy32 says: Had a target of 400 last year and managed 660, aiming for 1000 this year!
  • Soooz says: Good riddance to a depressing 2011 - 2012 can only get better?
  • TheDuke says: Just managed to break the 1000 mile barrier on the last day of 2011. Hopefully I won't leave it so late this year. Good luck everybody.
  • running26 says: Hit the magical figure with 11 days to spare !
  • martynjlane says: Good luck everyone! This is just what I need. A challenging but ultimately achievable target.
  • caw says: 2012 and a 1000 miles; bring it on!
  • stubanch says: Is it possible????
  • Jon_T says: A big challenge and Im up for it (hopefully), good luck everyone
  • GregP says: How hard can it be? (last 5 years have been 5xx, 8xx, 7xx, 7xx, 7xx)
  • Zeb says: Nailing my colours to the mast :-)
  • leejprice says: managed 750 for 2011, so here goes for 1000!
  • Kittenheels Kath says: I can do this.
  • Gotta be blue says: A 1000 miles! I'd better get started......runs off to look for his trainers
  • Caterpillar says: I have never managed to run 1000 miles in a year. Why should 2012 be any different? Still, I've set myself a 1000 mile target several times so I know I won't be too disappointed to miss is again. LOL.
  • tipsku says: managed 1079 miles in 2011, first went for 1250 but then had to downgrade to 1000 because of injuries. This year I'll start on the safer side.
  • catcat says: 900 last year, another extra push and should get the 1000 this year
  • run2thehills says: 700 last year in a comeback year, actual plan is 1200-1500 but 1000 will do as a starter
  • simeyk says: 2nd year of running, a few niggles limited me to just over 500 last year, but will be running long distances a lot earlier this year. Might not make it, but love a challenge!
  • Lumsdoni says: Having run 1000 in 2006,2007 and 2008, but then 760, 444 and 699 the last three years I need to get back out there and upping mileage to achieve my many goals this year.
  • Mick the slug says: here we go, here we go.....751 last year. It's a step up to play with the Big Guns this year
  • Rosemount Raver says: This is the year I can do it
  • twinny says: was aiming for 750 (did 680 last year) but was so far ahead that I have reviewed my target. Have upped my running from 3x to 4x a week and my long run from 5.7 to 10 miles a week. So, theoretically,this is do-able. We'll see.....
  • peegee says: Almost up to 200 miles so hope I don't get injured as usual.
  • spider2470 says: I have always looked longingly at the 1000 miles in a year group.. but i think this is the year I could do it.. Training for the vlm.. but this is sooo hard.. Just done 15 miles.. following sub 3 hr 30 garmin ready training programme .. this may be a bit optimistic.. Supposed to have done 15 miles easy = 9 min miles.. started ok but last 4 miles so slow and got my first dose of really bleeding joggers nipple.. Feeling a little demotivated
  • bexh says: My first ever 1000 mile in a year! I feel quite giddy.
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