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For those of us aiming for 500 miles in 2012 (or those who want to join in the excellent support of a great group ;))

I have created a couple of spreadsheets so we can record our aims for the year and another to log our races....

Good luck and see you there !!

Notes from Members

  • SusiSue28 says: I'd like to join - new to fetch but determined to keep up my running :)
  • Autumnleaves says: Have set this as one of my goals this year - never tried to focus on a total mileage before! 2 10km races booked and hoping to do my first half marathon in the autumn.
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: 461 in 2011 so 500 minimum for 2012...that sounds sensible :)
  • Bex66 says: Just under 10 miles a week - doesn't sound too bad. Just cross fingers to hope shin splints don't come back.
  • BouncyTigger2 says: This will be my first year doing serious running, so im going to try this 500 miles in 2012. Wish me all the luck coz im going to need it :-)
  • Spally says: One of these years I'm going to make this target
  • Snellers says: shirt, shorts, shoes and out the door does it! I should stick this on my fridge...
  • wrxmania says: Aiming for 500 miles in 2012.
  • Labwalker says: I'm hoping to run 500 miles this year, my first full year ;-)
  • Lills says: I'd like to join please - Im hoping to make a comeback this year :-)
  • Derbyplodder says: Wolvo's in.:-)
  • Papa G says: Got close to 500 last year, so having another go this year. Hopefully will not have a long lay off after London like I did last year.
  • Detal says: Target set, now for the training. :-) good luck everyone xxx
  • JimiG says: 80% of the way in 2011. a few less no show months in 2012 and it should be a sinch!
  • Wine Belly says: This year's gonna be different! Signed up last year, but just scraped past 300. That was an improvement on the year before though - it can be done...
  • Excitabubble says: I achieved 500 last year but want to push on further this year, the thread is a real help and inspiration to everyone :-)
  • cpea says: If run-walk really can count - I'm in...and won't be walking by the end of the year - ha ha!!
  • Evangel says: I like the company here!
  • WilliamCuffay says: Ran 300 miles last year and 500 miles seems the next logical step. I also want to enter more races, hopefully the targe will ecourage me
  • koplegend1963 says: Let's hope it's an injury free year - good luck everyone
  • philbo72 says: this is something to aim for - did over 600 last year, and already done way more than this time last year! things are looking good for a 500 mile yearly target so far!
  • -Ruthie- says: Howdy :) Managed 429 miles in 2011 - hoping to reach 500 in 2012
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