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A group for those of us aiming for 500 miles in 2012 (or for those who just love being part of a great support thread ;))

If you let me know what races you have coming up I'll try to keep adding them on the top of the thread.

Remember though that while training & goals are important, listening to your body and rest & recovery is equally important.

Here's to a great 2012 guys & gals :):):)

Notes from Members

  • Papa G says: Going to fall just short in 2011, hopefully will make it in 2012.
  • Mrs Hamish says: Made it to 500 in 2011, my first complete year running, so hoping for more of the same (and maybe an extra 100?) in 2012. Great group, love the support, thanks GG :-)
  • Mizzy says: I started running in September 2011 too. Due to illness i haven't run for a few weeks so the 500 is going to be a real challenge for me. I thought i would join here to give and receive some support :)
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