Notes from Members

  • macapple says: Knock knock, I'm a bit late to this party, can I still come in, pretty please?
  • FML says: The best group on FE :), especially guess who is locked in Star x cupboard :)
  • Dodgem says: A bit late joining but I seem to be on target.
  • Jogging Jo says: Lets Do IT !!
  • Little Nemo says: Time to get off my behind and do some proper training in 2012 :-O
  • Phoenix Lesley says: 2012 Im going to be a fierce 45 yr old
  • jimonion says: I'm in..a good practical target to aim for :))
  • Bintmcskint says: Ha! I'm in..... :-)
  • Meglet says: This will require some concerted effort this year, but aiming to keep my 60/month target so should be ok.
  • Star says: I'm in - no-one else would have me to be honest
  • Hourglass says: I'm deffo gonna do it this year :-)
  • Pompey Paul says: A nice target to aim for with a nice bunch of loons to share the experience with :)
  • poppyH says: Will be a challenge, but 640+ miles this year so doable, with effort. :)
  • Dr PhFleecyD says: 58.3 miles per month, gulp...
  • GWil says: 4 mile race complete, happy with my 2012 start
  • Zehnderboy says: 700 in 2012 - count me in!
  • Hickerton says: Went from 577 in 2010 to 1,000 in 2011 - 700 seems about right!
  • Evangel says: I failed to reach 1000 miles in 2011 due to persistent injury. I hope I can manage this.
  • mushroom says: Will be the most I've ever recorded on here - first time over 600 last year - so lets go for it..!
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