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  • Lemmy says: 1432 in 2009, 1203 in 2010, just squeaked past 1250 on the garmin in 2011 (1303 on my excel spreadsheet). Got two marathons planned plus lots of cross country and club race so lets see if I can get 1500.
  • PeterG says: After a good start to the year slipping a bit on mileage, joining up for motivation to get myself back on track
  • duncman says: Hopefully I'll get there this year
  • heffaroo says: Yeeeeo!!!
  • IanS says: Back again for the third year in a row :-)
  • icemaiden says: Put me in and I will try not to be injured this time!
  • mrs shanksi says: Best thread on Fetch heart
  • Half Empty says: Missed out the last couple of year, hopefully by not trying this year I might make it
  • CottamRunner says: Missed out in 2011 and never got round to joining in 2012 ... so here I (finally) am! :-)
  • RuthB2 says: Back to try again...
  • JK *chameleon* says: 7 marathons this year. If I train right this should be a breeze...
  • Jaffa Cake says: I'll get lynched if I aim for 2000 miles, so 1500 it is. Hope I can make it 2 in a row, assuming I get 13 miles in over the next 4 days
  • bal says: Have hit 1,000 for 2011. How hard can another 500 miles be. Isn't 2012 a leap year? That makes it a bit easier.
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Loved it in 2011 - 2000 is real goal, 1000 is injury more realistic, so on balance...?! :-)G
  • Liliaicha says: Agree with mrs s! Bestest ever thread. I love all of you nutters/runaholics/idiots/nice people! BRING IT ON!!
  • RichHL says: As long as I'm not injured at all, ever, in any way at all...
  • Smout says: At least 100 a month but the incentive to keep at it later in the year when VLM mileage has bumped me up early on!

    With the disclaimer of no getting duffed up (2009 excuse), no bf-ing a clinger-on (2010 excuse - he's still feeding but no so clingy) an no breaking elbow/ bashing ribs (2011 excuse). 2012 an consistency here we come.... Then roll on 2013!
  • Marchbanks says: Mainly for the chat ninja :P
  • Vancouver Jogger says: Seems like the logical next step - (at least it seemed a good idea at the time)
  • ChrisHB says: One step up from the 1250 group, a bit of a challenge for me. I may go for dual membership....
  • The Flying Fifer says: 3rd year in this group. Bring it on!
  • _andy says: It's been good for 2009 and 2011, but always quality over quantity, and hills over tarmac.
  • samson says: A crap 2011 = mucho improvement in 2012!!
  • JovialGnome says: Well I've managed it for the last two years so let's see what an Olympic year brings!
  • soreeneater says: Loads of problems at work but I need to achieve this target just to keep me sane AND keep the weight off!
  • Flip Flop says: Back again chaps ..... How could I not signup again .... best bunch of fruitloops on fetch :)
  • Toks says: I need all the support I can get for 10 in 10 fetchies :-) goodluck in reaching your running goals in 2012 :-)
  • Yorkshire Lass says: a great thread in 2011 so will definately be in for 2012 :-)
  • FRU (KeepTheFaith) says: Bring it on!!
  • Triplet Dad says: 2012 will see me doing a higher mileage training plan for Edinburgh and having a go at my first Ultra (D33) so this group will hopefully be able to provide some good advice and support (and a kick up the rear when I need it) :-)
  • run-forest-run says: I'm here from the start this year, a good place to be :-)
  • Tav H says: 1453 in 2011, ran at least 130m per month in the last few months so should be on for this.
  • derv says: best chat group on here been a member for a few years and TT runs a great group
  • DeeGee says: Got to be worth a pop.
  • Foxy says: go on then ;)
  • Snudger says: I managed this by the skin of my teeth last year, running 11 miles on 30th & 12 miles on the 31st, to give me 1500.2 miles for the year. Beats sitting at home watching the telly.
  • Watford Wobble says: I'll have a go. Keeps me out of trouble.
  • DeeDee1 says: Really would love to do this!
  • Smiling Pete says: Planning two road marathons in 2 weeks during April
  • MK hatter says: Oh well all the other New Years resolutions have gone so may as well put one down I can stick to
  • GlennR says: Well why not?
  • southcoastclaret says: Jumping in as I've just done the 1000 miles which I had originally signed up to.
  • Ski says: Completed my 1000 mile goal yesterday and although 1500 might be a bridge too far.....i'll give it a go!
  • Rob-H says: I didn't aim for this but I'm almost there so I may as well join :)
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