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Notes from Members

  • Tash01 says: Dont get it at all! :(
  • dovetail says: love this game, even the kids can't wait for me to upload my runs.
  • Max71 says: I love this game.
  • Ogden Runner says: A genius idea that's even better than sliced bread - and much more fun!
  • oldtrotter says: won't be long before my bike times are as slow as my run times - but I admit it's interesting to see what times I do. And, I have done a couple of 'fastest' times.
  • Silver Strider says: conquercise eat your heart out, everyone is back doing it on their own doorstep..... or are they. Luvvin it.
  • Jerboa says: Just a small group then?!
  • ultracollie says: loving the game especially as in one of those less populated areas, causing increased in mileage etc, lol
  • Plodder54 says: Love this even though I`ve been totally confused from day one -:)
  • Gasheader says: addicted overnight
  • RevBarbaraG says: Just joined... love it already. Utterly pointless, but such fun!
  • Suzi Q says: Not sure I really get it yet, but I do like the pretty flowers!
  • Jon M says: No idea what's it about - just like sex then!!!!!
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