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Please sign up here if you are willing and eager to help marshal at the Mick n Phil Half Marathon on March 11th 2012.

At this time you are not committing to anything but please do not join this group if you intend to run it or know that you're going to be doing something else.

Add a comment if you have a particular thing in mind that you want to do, or something that you can bring (e.g. cake or a chip timing system).

Notes from Members

  • Schnecke says: Yay - looking forward to helping with this, can marshal or whatever, and hopefully contribute cayke :-)
  • Yeti says: My company would like to sponsor numbers or similar, can anyone point me in the right direction for who to contact? Apologies if wrong group but didn't spot a group for sponsorship rather than marshalling - hoping to run!
  • Mizzy says: Helped recently at Abingdon Fetchpoint. Happy to do as i'm told :) And i can always do cake
  • oceanspirit says: mmmmm...cayke....I can shout too. :-)
  • SarahWoo says: Happy to do whatever's required and can bring cake but it won't be one I've made myself ;)
  • Cloggy says: Happy to help with anything and everything! :)
  • Fizz :-) says: I've never marshalled before, but WW will verify that I'm good at telling people what to do and where to go :-)

    Could try to bring some cake (or WW will do cheesy muffins)
  • Johnny Blaze says: Barkis is willing.
  • Watford Wobble says: I'll be there to lend a helping hand.
  • Mrs Columbo says: Hi, I ran the last M&P half and I'd like to help at the next one if there is a job for me. I've done marshalling before, and I work on a London marathon water station every year but I will have a go at (almost!) anything.
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