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  • fetcheveryone says: Got Wokingham Half coming up on Feb 10th - 1:47:20 is my current PB - nice to get a bit closer - but not expecting the big payout just yet.
  • Gaubfar says: Just missed it at Great Eastern, 1.42.36

    Beat it at Gt Yarmouth 2009 1.39.56 and then again at GER 2009 1.35.01 :)
  • Mutant Calfs says: I'm quite a way off at the mo with a PB of 1.46.46, however to get this I took off 24 mins so anythings possible!
  • Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) says: A little bit closer to this goal after my PB at St Neots :)
  • z1000jeff says: I have done sub 1:40 but certainly don't find it easy. My aim is to stay under this time and I hope joining this group will give me the incentive I need. Edit: GSR 2008 1:39:58 .... told you I could do it !
  • Ticker says: Just done a 1:41 and would love to get under 1:40.
  • MattDunn says: I want my next half to be a sub 1:40 :P
  • mccrop29 says: I should of got my sub 1:40 last year (2011) during the spring when i was marathon training, i ran Thirsk 10 miles in 1:13 but never followed it up with a half (regret) and Brass monkey half marathon was far too windy, i put that much effort in against the wind i ended up walking a bit on the last 2 miles and finished in 1:42:28 :-(
  • davec says: one of my goals for the year end to get a sub 1m 40 half, hoping great eastern will be the one, just missed it 1h 40m 52 sec.
  • Babbit says: Just spotted this group and thought I'd join as that is my aim for 2008. Did my 1st half marathon Oct '07 at 1:56:05 have done a few since with my current pb at 1:42:55. Any help or advice welcome.
  • Bobby Q says: I did 1:38 in 2005 but I've let things slip in the menatime and now want to get back to below 1:40. Trying to find a race to do it in locally and probably will try the Lancaster Half in the Autumn s that is quite flat?
  • Marty McFly says: Well I really overcooked the first 6 miles of my last Half ending with 1:43:27 - Humber Half back in June but I've signed up for 2 events in September - Mile stone Half and Mablethorpe. The latter Half is flat - so I'm told this has real PB potential. Until then I'm looking for tips on training and how to keep the speed going from 8-10 miles to the finish
  • Anna Bomb says: I'd love a sub 1:40 and if I don't go off too quick I think I can do it although my PB at present is 1:54 but that was in 2004 and many miles have been run since then
  • pussy cat says: current PB - 1.41 so I know its in me some where to do this but I seem to be struggling to achieve this again - Help!!
  • Chich says: My new challenge for 2009
  • Steve Ho says: already achieve a sub 1:39:31 at wilmslow half, but hope that was not just luck of the day. hopefully I can better it at the GNR....
  • paul296 says: Belvoir Half Today - 1:40:04 :( - Still a PB by over two and half minutes tho :)
  • Scout240 says: Ran 1.31 in 1984, Trying to get near there again if possible, now aged 46. Done it 1.39.12 Keyworth Turkey Trot 2011 now age 48. Brill
  • Mr. K. says: I`m getting there....only a matter of time.
  • emmanicholls says: PB is just under 1:41. Will be attempting sub-1:40 at Indian Queens in August or failing that, Bristol in September.
  • hssghj says: Currently have 1.41, wanting to shave off that extra minute.
  • MelWhiteley says: Current PB is 1.42.29 Really, really want to get under 100 minutes!! Aiming for new PB at Worksop Half at end of October.
  • Hicky says: Half marathon PB is sitting at 1. 42.14................roll on the Belvoir Half
  • Fat Jase says: Got to 1:40 this year at the MK Half, bring on the 30's!!
  • CottamRunner says: Hit 1hr42 at the GNR in 2009 - so convinced I can make this target - but would appreciate any advice / knowledge this group can offer. :-) Next attempt will be the Blackpool half in spring 2010 I think ....
  • Runningbug says: 2013....right I am up for it sub 1:40 this year! 1;43 last year at Jed I have kept my fitness so
  • The Terminator says: Llanelli will be the one hopefully
  • DuaneDibbley says: not sure about this - managed 1:45 at the GNR last year so, without 54k other runners I should do better in another half...thing is, I've slowed down a bit (injuries) and need to get back to last years's hoping.
  • houchen says: Was under 1:40 a few times 10 years ago but nowhere near it till a 1:42 at Kenilworth Half last week, so thinking I might just be able to roll back the years some time in 2011.
  • Marchbanks says: Recently achieved a flukey 1:39:31 but putting some structured training together I would like to try again and hopefully be able to pass on tips soon!
  • tintin86 says: I just done a sub 1hr45min at the dartmoor vale now i have i sights set on a sub1:40,i did find it hard but fingers crossed and some hard training i might just get there it's only 5 mins to knock off!!!!!
  • RichHL says: Current PB is 1:44:00. I have three attempts to beat 1:40 this year - Cambridge in March, Haddington in August and St Neots in November. Cambridge is the fastest course but I'll be much fitter later in the year.
  • tipsku says: I did it! I finally managed to get down to 1:38:02 in the Anglesey half on 6 March 2016.
  • becca7 says: 1:42:18 at St Neots in 2013. Will have a go at this in 2013, possibly at Wokingham or GNR.
  • Boro Wayne says: Current pb 1.45 but doing Edinburgh marathon in may so hope extra stamina will do the trick
  • Dragon_Reborn says: Just ran my first half (Cov) in 1:47:27
    More of a cyclist than a runner but i now WANT to get sub 100min. I blame StuB for getting me into running...
  • young cowboy says: Half PB is 1.45 03 from Great Scottish half last year,going all out for a sub 1.40 attempt at Loch Leven half in May,bring it on
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