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#fetchgallery great granddad's brother, Septimus Francom, GB Olympic marathonist in 1912! (dnf but..) @fetcheveryone

28th May 2014
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  • 28th May 2014 at 12:55pm
    Jubear: Aha! Claiming a genetic connection hey? ;-)
  • 28th May 2014 at 1:32pm
    DiscoSteve: Heh heh I think the genes must have skipped my generation :-)
  • 28th May 2014 at 7:25pm
    Son of a Pronator Man: a personal best of 2.42, not bad in that kit (or any kit)
  • 29th May 2014 at 12:59pm
    DiscoSteve: Heh heh. Is that right, where did you find that out?
  • 29th May 2014 at 1:37pm
    Son of a Pronator Man:
  • 29th May 2014 at 1:41pm
    DiscoSteve: Ah nice one cheers. Had seen that page but missed the PB info.
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