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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Worst Artist, Album, Song

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12 Jun
9:32pm, 12 Jun 2019
10301 posts
Scorge!! The View??????
12 Jun
9:39pm, 12 Jun 2019
525 posts
relax my friend, not what you think ;)

12 Jun
9:41pm, 12 Jun 2019
526 posts
Maclennane - fair point. can't stand the wee runt myself either, but economies of scale, etc.

(weirdly, i don't mind simply red. i appreciate this will induce mocking)
12 Jun
9:52pm, 12 Jun 2019
258 posts
Any time I listen to the radio and think "What is this crap?", it's the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
12 Jun
10:53pm, 12 Jun 2019
10302 posts
Yeah, sounds like dirge!!
12 Jun
10:55pm, 12 Jun 2019
10303 posts
Where is Dooogs??!

I want to punch him in the nose for giving me “I wanna be the only one” by Eternal as an ear worm!!
12 Jun
10:56pm, 12 Jun 2019
5822 posts
Cuckoo! :)

(it's *awful*, isn't it?)
12 Jun
10:58pm, 12 Jun 2019
10305 posts
Lol! Bugger you are!
12 Jun
11:10pm, 12 Jun 2019
1237 posts
Any of the tracks thereon.

By far the worst CD I own. Not that I bought but my wife did in good Faith, little did she know.
10:09am, 19 Jun 2019
7926 posts
Valyrian Plastic
John Lennon
Unfinished Music No. 2: Life with the Lions
Cambridge 1969

It's very tempting to say "All of it!", but Yoko MacOno's Caterwaul Caper takes the biscuit.

Credit to the title for being honest, at least.

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