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The Dishwasher Club

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21 Aug
10:33pm, 21 Aug 2019
5352 posts
What an interesting thread. Now I know why back in June we had to start putting the cutlery in the right holes. Or maybe that was back in β€˜18. Time flies.
21 Aug
11:08pm, 21 Aug 2019
461 posts
We still haven't picked a dishwasher model, but I will read back through this thread at the weekend as I think we need to start making decisions soon!
22 Aug
9:52pm, 22 Aug 2019
9500 posts
Meanwhile, I continue to load/stack the dishwasher properly.... 🀣
22 Aug
9:54pm, 22 Aug 2019
42848 posts
We're coming up to our second no-dishwasher anniversary. We don't use enough dishes to justify replacing it at the moment.
22 Aug
10:23pm, 22 Aug 2019
464 posts
I suspect that I am lazier than V'rap. OH not having done the dishes in time for me to cook dinner, or not having done the things i need, or having stacked them in an unhelpful way is the thing we argue about the most.

I look forward to having a dishwasher, and being able to argue about stacking it wrong, running it at the wrong time, putting the wrong things in it and so on!

(I've never lived anywhere with a working dishwasher, so I don't really know who it will work out.)
22 Aug
10:32pm, 22 Aug 2019
3222 posts
Fizz :-)
WW has just been allowed, under supervision, to put the tablet in the dishwasher and turn it on.

Advanced loading tuition may follow ;-)
22 Aug
10:35pm, 22 Aug 2019
40862 posts
Steady now...
22 Aug
10:37pm, 22 Aug 2019
42849 posts
Washing up isn't an issue for us. Whoever decides that it needs doing does it. It ends up being done most days, we don't end up with a stack of festering dishes.
23 Aug
8:08am, 23 Aug 2019
12015 posts
Johnny come lately here.

Answering the original question it's me who loads the DW best at my place, but then again I live alone.

Historically though I've tended to. Be the one who did it, after being sick of unloading the thing and only having Ankit 25 % of what was in there put awayable due to cramming shit in and poorly trained kids not scaping, in fact I went on strike for a while and refused to scrape anyone elses plate, but a) no one noticed our cared and b) it just made more work for me, all of that is a different story best forgotten.

A brief history of of DW's ...

Didn't have one till 05 then at EX's suggestion got a zanussi it lasted until 20 minutes post warranty and broke, guy said cheaper to replace them repair.

Got a Bosch which as far as I know EX is still enjoying to this day.

Another Bosch dwelt in the flat I had it worked well..

You know what I honestly cannot remember if macottage had a DW or not, it was so small it can't have!

Anyway when the house was bought it was another bosch the same as others from pics.

The only problem with it was it refused to work without enough rinse aid or salt despite tablets having this and I couldn't figure out how to tell it to stop being so fussy.

As far as I know that is still doing dishes.

In this house I have inherited a slim line beko.

I have no idea of its provinance. It works well and does not care of the salt/rinse aid light is on.

Like IM said before it's size is against it, I suspect it uses the same power as a full size one, bit is difficult to load your always in your own way and the big saute pan pretty much fills the top deck.

Oh garlic presses take the basket thing out, hang it over the blade of an incorrectly πŸ˜‹ oriented fork.

Things I have put though a DW ....

Err everything, various bits of my old mini's went though prior to repair and many bike parts get cleaned up in there, it cassettes and chain rings come out like new.

My other tip for stubborn stains is use the steamer from the coffee machine.
23 Aug
12:12pm, 23 Aug 2019
3868 posts
Horse bits and stirrups come up lovely in the dishwasher, as does Lego (in a net bag) and other hard plastic toys.

I prefer to be in charge of loading so I can dishwash highly unsuitable items and also for efficiency of packing. OH tends to run it about two-thirds full.

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About This Thread

Do you trust anyone else in your house to load the dishwasher other than yourself? Of course you don't!

Here's a group you can join: fetcheveryone.com/groups-view.php?id=1292

Perhaps there's a tetrathlon we could do: swim-bike-run-fill dishwasher?

Some advice from icemaiden who has actual expertise in this area:

In another life I was part of the team advising the UK govt and EU energy efficiency program about consumer use of DWs and have spent more than than I care to think about loading and unloading for test purposes.

The eco program takes ages but will use less energy than the standard program because it does not heat to such a high temperature. There's a triangle of time vs temperature vs cleanliness. To get the required level of cleaning, it is regulated via the eco design regulations, the time has to be long because the energy consumption has to be below a certain level, also regulated.

Please clean the filters. And clean inside at the bottom of the door, you will be surprised at the gunk that gets down there.

Cutlery is best mixed to make sure most of them get clean

Scrape off the lumps of food. Don't prewash or soak unless burnt on stuff.

Salt is necessary in hard water areas, but use the lowest salt setting if using with tablets.

Testing really has shown that the majority of people use more water and energy to hand wash the same load. So fill your machine as best you can.

Two dishwashers are definitely the way forward.

Slimline and tabletop dishwashers aren't as efficient as full size and best avoided.

Knives up or down is personal preference, but there have been some nasty accidents when, usually small, people tripped/fell into the cutlery basket when the door was open and the lower basket pulled out and knives were blade up. Many baskets can be positioned in different places so you could try another place.

Cutlery trays work for some people, but others can't be arsed with the faff of doing it properly.

Many upper baskets can be adjusted upwards to allow for big plates in the lower basket, but some people don't bother to find out how they work. If you put large glasses in the top basket then you might need to lower the basket, some can even accommodate both large plate and long stem glasses.

Price difference is mostly to do with build quality. Cheaper models have plastic bases rather than metal and the baskets have fewer adjustable features. Although entry level Miele have very fixed baskets.

Number of place settings is based on standard tableware, and may not be the same as your set, always good to take plates along if in any doubt.

Eat your Weetabix and scrape out the leftovers.

Porridge is one of the test soils because it is so difficult. The others are tea, dried milk, egg, spinach, mince and margarine. The test detergent is not the same as the ones in the shops, but all machines have to reach a certain, high, level of cleaning and drying on the eco program. And there's not a lot of difference in performance these days, you're paying for convenience and longevity.

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