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Ian Williams aka Fetch

query from a newbie to this whole running thing.

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15 Apr
7:02pm, 15 Apr 2019
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Next one. Oh, yes :) :) :)
15 Apr
7:12pm, 15 Apr 2019
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irish dave
There's almost always a next one dave... ;)

Next one. Oh, yes :) :) :)

Your just trying to gang up on the new guy here....
16 Apr
8:50am, 16 Apr 2019
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I'm not sure about that irish dave....

With the time that you have available, and your current training, I'd recommend you start training to run/walk the whole thing. If your training time for 23k is 2:45, then I'd expect your marathon time to be nearer 6 hours than 5. This is a long time to be on your feet, when you are not used to it.

Check in with the friendly folks on the run/walk thread (link previous page) for tips on how to train for a successful marathon using this method.

Best of luck :)
16 Apr
2:20pm, 16 Apr 2019
10240 posts
did I read right that your midweek runs are coming in 10k less than your longest run each time??

I would limit your midweeks to 10k now, and hold that current pace/time on feet.

(Doing 32k as your midweek runs in the lead up to your BIG weekend run is bonkers! I'm hoping i misunderstood that?!)

As for your long runs, yes, build them incrementally, making sure you drop down by about half every 3rd or 4th week. So you're getting a couple of respite / cut back weeks to recover and not applying constant demands on yourself mentally and physically. When you have a cut back, recognise it and enjoy it for what it is, a wee rest!

Pace-wise, your long training runs should be slower, a lot slower than midweek...

Easy pace, think 3rd gear not 4th/5th, or if you can't drop a gear then introduce regular walk breaks, which you then tune into on race day. This will preserve energy for the long haul.

Also, if you're running a marathon, start thinking in miles, kms are evil in marathons. They just mess with your mind and there's too many of them!!

Are you using the Fetch app to measure your runs?

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