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Fetchie Flab Fighters 2019 - Lets Do It

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17 Apr
6:52pm, 17 Apr 2019
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Hi all. Well I’m off for an early Easter holiday. Off to our boat which will be fabulous but I suspect not compatible with weight loss!

Didn’t help that I started in holiday mode today - normal Friday breakfast at work follows by pie and chips at lunch and a very small portion of homemade curry & rice - eek. Hoping the walking and running I have planned will help keep it in check.

well done b-lass that’s a great result

Good luck MM hope the docs news helps with your motivation it is so hard though isn’t it. Little steps.
19 Apr
2:57pm, 19 Apr 2019
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Lip Gloss
Hi sorry not been posting but having been reading all the stories.

4 weeks since I last went to SW and I know why - the weight was creeping up again so I was up and over danger tgt weight. Monday stood on the scales and then today as I have done their SP menu and I have lost 3lbs :-) super chuffed with that although when I go to class tomorrow it might look like no weight shift and that will be fine. I will do a other week next week and that should get me back to target. Hopefully now it's nicer weather the running might get back up .
8:43am, 20 Apr 2019
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Lip Gloss
Went to class this morning and up half a pound in 4 weeks so delighted with that as I know I lost 3lbs this week. Going to class every week certainly works for me so I will make it my rule again as of today :-)

Happy Easter folks and enjoy whatever you are doing.
11:50am, 20 Apr 2019
8292 posts
3 lbs down since dra visit Monday afternoon, trying not to put it back on camping this weekend
12:13pm, 20 Apr 2019
33634 posts
Lip Gloss
Well done MM

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Here we go another year, another start to the weight loss thread.

Let's give it our all this year and conquer our eating demons.

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Heres the link for the spreadsheet