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Ian Williams aka Fetch

1000 miles in 2019

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16 Jun
8:10pm, 16 Jun 2019
3301 posts
I am still alive! I've done this twice before, but this was the toughest. I did 70 miles but my left quad started playing up at about 25 miles so it was just a war or attrition after that. The weather was grim, enough to the time to make it miserable most of the time (think Bambi impressions in slippery mud). My feet are a mess, my legs are in bits!

Can't fault the organisation and the medal was lovely. Will blog later.
16 Jun
9:48pm, 16 Jun 2019
3302 posts
Blog, not vey good, too much to say, too bloody tired. Saw some absolutely amazing running this weekend.

16 Jun
10:10pm, 16 Jun 2019
9169 posts
Cripes MrsB! Well done, you're made of sturdy stuff!

Glad MrB is okay too.
11:59am, 17 Jun 2019
3285 posts
Seventy miles with three hours sleep during the laps is good running Mrsb! You know that! I'm sure you've not reached your full potential..your build up was certainly not what the coach would order..and learning to do without those three hours must surely see you being able to do a good 100 plus in twenty four hours. Well run for the Endure though and enjoyed the blog as always.
Warm morning today and a change again but some storm due later this week?
12:50pm, 17 Jun 2019
1263 posts
Fenland Flier
Epic running Mrsb, I hope your feet donโ€™t complain too much and recover quickly.
A plate of chips can have that effect on excitable runners ๐Ÿ˜€
3:35pm, 17 Jun 2019
1775 posts
Lesley C
Well done Mrs B! Totally agree with FF about the chips. I do love them!!

Just typical, I was off work last week and the weather was terrible, and no surprises it's going to be nice all week when I am back at work. :-(
4:40pm, 17 Jun 2019
5446 posts
Amazing running MrsB, you've certainly got guts, stamina and endurance in spades. Hope you have a few rest days now to let your body recover. Glad to hear that MrB is ok. It must have been very stressful for you to carry on running, whilst wondering how he was.

Lesley, I find similar, it's normally lovely weather on my rest days, and heavy rain and wind, when I'm running.

Weather was perfect for running this morning, and I ran a steady 10 miles in the forest, with a club mate. We have a yellow warning for thunderstorms , bringing torrential rain, hail and lightning with potential disruption to travel and flooding, from 18.00 tomorrow to 21.00 on Wednesday. The club has a social run in the forest tomorrow evening, so I imagine it will be cancelled. The forest isn't the best place to be during a thunderstorm!
6:00pm, 17 Jun 2019
1220 posts
I got a brief glimpse of youโ€™re rear end PeterF but now all I see is dust ๐Ÿ˜œ .... for now ....
6:47pm, 17 Jun 2019
8202 posts
Dust is definitely more aesthetic! ๐Ÿ˜‚
8:28pm, 17 Jun 2019
3303 posts
I must point out, for the avoidance of doubt, that MrB is not my husband (that's Husbando), although MrB and I have managed to talk ourselves into running as a pair next year (we'll be team 'Bigg Dick' which is just too good a name to waste).

MrB is fine ;-)

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