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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

100 a month in 2019.

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26 Mar
6:01pm, 26 Mar 2019
66587 posts
139 with a very easy 5 and a bit this evening.
26 Mar
6:07pm, 26 Mar 2019
3297 posts
7 and now on 144/100
26 Mar
8:19pm, 26 Mar 2019
1527 posts
Another 5+ miles tonight but totally knackered. That's me done for the month, declaring on 164.6 miles.
26 Mar
8:36pm, 26 Mar 2019
10194 posts
A brilliant total! Well done, FR.
26 Mar
9:35pm, 26 Mar 2019
18522 posts
5 miles, now on 104. Another 12 will put me on 300 for the year.
26 Mar
9:39pm, 26 Mar 2019
1528 posts
475+ miles for 2019, which means I'm just under 25 miles where I want to be.
26 Mar
9:44pm, 26 Mar 2019
66589 posts
Fenner - 481 and safe to say I am ahead and running quite well, longest run 23 miles .
26 Mar
10:06pm, 26 Mar 2019
1529 posts
...longest run, just over the 100 miles, in second place 48 miles.... third place...probably not much more than 13 miles.
26 Mar
10:16pm, 26 Mar 2019
3840 posts
Well done Fenners and Gobi!

The three weeks I had out with injury has meant I’m still off my original target for the year - but, managed a speed session tonight (first one since being back running, was holding off doing one until I’d tested the calf enough on easier runs and felt safe to try something quicker). 5 x 1km reps, felt hard (more in the lungs than the legs) but good. Puts me on 73.7/100, if rest of the week goes to plan should just about scrape over 100 miles.

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About This Thread

Exactly what the title says. A thread for if you’re targeting 💯 a month.


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