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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

500ish miles in 2019

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21 Mar
11:20am, 21 Mar 2019
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The Scribbler
First time back training since my trip and coming home with plane flu. Pleased I survived this morning's PT session and didn't feel too battered by it.

My intention is to get back running starting with something tomorrow and then a longer run on Saturday or Sunday and back to 3 runs per week from next week.

Good luck for Kielder GG
21 Mar
11:26am, 21 Mar 2019
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That sounds good Scribbler! (We must arrange to meet up - I’ll send you a message)

I had a good training session this morning. Continuing to take it easy and my PT and I have decided I need to rethink my training a bit as volume (running) doesn’t really suit me.

Good luck GG!
21 Mar
5:05pm, 21 Mar 2019
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Had some acupuncture this afternoon. It certainly helps me relax and I’m hoping it will help settle things down.
22 Mar
2:11pm, 22 Mar 2019
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3.7 miles yesterday is the longest I've done since my injury over Xmas.

Next week is the first week this year (assuming I do what's on my training plan) that I'll do the 9.6 miles that 500/year works out at but I'm already 78miles behind the line.

I reckon by end April I'll be exceeding my required mileage and catching up.
25 Mar
1:05pm, 25 Mar 2019
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That sounds promising Higgo

Well done on dark skies GG!

My hip is much improved - I think the acupuncture really helped :-)
25 Mar
9:06pm, 25 Mar 2019
8751 posts
That is great news Pen & a hard but right decision at the weekend.

So yes I survived DarkSkies it was warmer temp than last year’s -3 but damp so it felt cold that said I didn’t put my jacket or gloves on which may have helped haha

So I stated off very well my pace was way under target but I knew the terrain got harder as it went on esp after the dam so making a bit of time early on was in my plan. Thanks to my nutrition coach I was well fuelled but still struggled with run fuelling, something I’m going to need to work hard on. By mile 19 I felt sick and could barely face water but I kept drinking and had a bericca sachet it got me round.

Ended off with 6.14.33 54min PB largely due to not having a poorly foot but also I worked hard for it I kept pushing myself and I know I gave it my best shot. The marathon distance time was 6.03 which I was over the moon with too.

With being off work after last years I didn’t appreciate how worn out I would be I feel like I have jet lag so Epsom salt bath and now an early night tonight.

I will get the header updated this week having a few days off sports massage booked for Friday then back to training for Windermere in 7 weeks... I am officially declaring myself crazy!
25 Mar
9:22pm, 25 Mar 2019
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Eynsham Red
Well done GG. What terrific effort. I hope that you are able to get some rest somehow to help your recovery.

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About This Thread

A new group for 2019 running goals.

Another group for another year, but whether you're aiming for 500 or more or less lets just have a nice little social group to share our goals and running antics.

Everyone is welcome, whether you don't want to set an official target or you may be aiming further but still want to pop by for a chat/offer some words of wisdom or just because the door is always open and kettle is on.

Target miles Link fetcheveryone.com/training-mileagetargets-filtered.php?category=RUN&mileage=500

to set your mileage: fetcheveryone.com/training-targets.php

Race Planner docs.google.com

(When you go in give yourself a colour so I know you're wanting to be on the sheet so I can keep it tidy)

If you update the race planner after I've updated the header drop me an fmail or a reminder (or 2) on the thread so I know to update. Thanks


9th - Pie & Peas 5k Night Run - gg
17th - Saturn 7hr Endurance - gg
23rd - Durgean Night 10m - gg

3rd - Dartford Half - Mattglen
23rd - Kielder Dark Skies Marathon - gg
24th - Colchester Half - SVRunner

7th - Manchester Marathon - Hally
14th - Brighton Marathon - Surrey Phil
14th - Bromley 10k - SVRunner
21st - Tyneside 10k - The Scribbler
28th - Blenheim 7k - Eynsham Red


12th - Oxford Town & Gown - Eynsham Red
19th - Windermere Marathon - gg
28th - Edinburgh Half - The Scribbler

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