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Ian Williams aka Fetch

500ish miles in 2019

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20 May
6:00pm, 20 May 2019
8818 posts
Well guys I did it!! ONG it was brutal! It was up up up down up up down it was relentless and on tarmac I found it hard on my legs, particularly my foot, while not the broken toe the big toe on that foot thanks to the bunion. My quad joined in and it was painful for a good bit of it. But it didn’t detract from the amazing scenery and fantastic support along the route. Def one to do if you feel inclined.

Couple of pics:

I did it in 5.57.28, 10min of Kielder based on the marathon distance as both were over distance over the moon! I also felt good fuel wise def improvement over other runs/races. And weekend with the girls just made it.
20 May
6:16pm, 20 May 2019
26376 posts
Well done GG :)
20 May
6:17pm, 20 May 2019
1727 posts
Well done GG!
20 May
8:16pm, 20 May 2019
3023 posts
Surrey Phil
Fantastic effort, gg. Marathons are tough without the hills. The last hilly one I did nearly beat me, so well done!
20 May
8:38pm, 20 May 2019
4257 posts
Eynsham Red
Well done GG. That sounds tough! And congrats on such a joyful second photo. Where during the race was that taken?
20 May
8:57pm, 20 May 2019
8819 posts
Red at the end finish line in sight! Having the best support from my club mates was the best πŸ˜ƒ
20 May
9:36pm, 20 May 2019
2887 posts
GG, well done; you're one tough cookie (cooky?).
21 May
5:58am, 21 May 2019
182 posts
Well done gg, on an amazing run and on managing a happy face at the end of it all after 6 hrs πŸ˜€πŸ‘
21 May
7:07am, 21 May 2019
8820 posts
Defiant meg a bit cooky at times Ev πŸ˜‚

Thanks all despite a few moments overall I did love it... funny how you only reflect this properly after it’s finished haha
21 May
8:04am, 21 May 2019
8821 posts
And so is my phone ... should have said definitely a bit....

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About This Thread

A new group for 2019 running goals.

Another group for another year, but whether you're aiming for 500 or more or less lets just have a nice little social group to share our goals and running antics.

Everyone is welcome, whether you don't want to set an official target or you may be aiming further but still want to pop by for a chat/offer some words of wisdom or just because the door is always open and kettle is on.

Target miles Link fetcheveryone.com/training-mileagetargets-filtered.php?category=RUN&mileage=500

to set your mileage: fetcheveryone.com/training-targets.php

Race Planner docs.google.com

(When you go in give yourself a colour so I know you're wanting to be on the sheet so I can keep it tidy)

If you update the race planner after I've updated the header drop me an fmail or a reminder (or 2) on the thread so I know to update. Thanks

7th - Manchester Marathon - Hally
14th - Brighton Marathon - Surrey Phil
14th - Bromley 10k - SVRunner
14th - Saturn Run - geordiegirl, Scribbler
14th - York 10m - Nutso
21st - Tyneside 10k - The Scribbler
21st - Air Products 10k - Higgo
28th - Blenheim 7k - Eynsham Red


4th - Oxford Greenbelt 10k - Eynsham Red
6th - Oxford ST SR - 2m - Eynsham Red
12th - Colchester 10k - SVrunner
19th - Sutton 10k - Surrey Phil
19th - Windermere Marathon - gg
20th - Oxford ST SR - 3m - Eynsham Red
26th - Liverpool R&R HM - Nutso

28th - Edinburgh Half - The Scribbler

1st - 100 Parkrun!! - Eynsham Red
2nd - Derwentside Trail 7m - geordiegirl
3rd - Oxford ST SR - 4m - Eynsham Red
9th - Blaydon Race - The Scribbler
9th - Run Wytham Woods 10k - Eynsham Red
17th - Oxford ST SR - 3m - Eynsham Red

19th - LGBT 5k - geordiegirl
20th - Chopwell 10k - geordiegirl


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