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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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500ish miles in 2019

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15 Nov
1:10pm, 15 Nov 2019
498 posts
Cheers for the feedback GG and ER!

Yes I'm sure that there is benefit to be gained from trying to train in the correct zones. I haven't got my first race back until the end of March so I feel I can afford to give this some time and see what happens. My main goal at the moment is to increase my aerobic fitness so it's not going to do me any harm focusing on my base for a while.

I won't be "racing" Yeovil in March anyway, it's just going to be about making it to the start line, completing the distance and having fun, so I'm not going to panic about doing fartlek sessions and speedwork (although I know that they both help overall!). If I'm in a better aerobic condition come the New Year I can then start thinking about adding the occasional tempo run and hill session into my schedule or even some interval work, I'm just not going to stress about it at the moment.
17 Nov
6:55pm, 17 Nov 2019
4933 posts
Eynsham Red
A gentle two and a bit miles tonight. I’ve still got a bit of niggle just below my right glute. I’ll probably do a short run again mid week if nothing else develops.

If all is well then I’ll give the Eynsham 10k a shot next Sunday. Sometime during that event I’ll tip over 500 miles.

I’m actually more concerned about being fit to do the Fetch Jingle Mile in December. We’ve planned five day break around that meet up, seeing family and doing a bit of sightseeing, so I really don’t want to be just a spectator.
19 Nov
10:13am, 19 Nov 2019
9248 posts
Is that maybe piriformus Red? I have issues with that in my right glute now and again, a hard ball (baseball type thing) will help if so.

I've not managed to run since Wednesday I was at the theatre on Thursday, girls weekend and last night I opted to get caught up in the house, unpack & wash from w'end and repack for work trip today. I have sportfit on Thursday so it will be Friday before I can run again. I've took the pressure off I am going to be happy with whatever miles I manage this year.

I have had to laugh this morning (it may sound bitchy but I really am not) my colleague is funny she goes to an exercise class at the gym we get regular updates on why she cant do x,y,z (previous fractured wrist, dislocated shoulder, bad back, last night hamstring) but no amount of advice on trying something less impacted, build up core strength - yoga/pilates, stretch, swim is of any interest. I guess some people just like excuses.

Right catch you all soon, hope you're all doing ok.
19 Nov
6:35pm, 19 Nov 2019
4942 posts
Eynsham Red
GG/GS, I think that it might be piriformis syndrome although the physio didn’t call it that.

I had a longish drive followed by a long sit in a waiting room today, which really did me no favours, and I was in a bit of discomfort for a while afterwards.

I see the Physio again on Thursday.
19 Nov
10:13pm, 19 Nov 2019
500 posts
Hope you get things sorted soon ER!

General WSW run tonight, 2.5 miles at a fairly gentle pace. Slowly getting there!
19 Nov
10:44pm, 19 Nov 2019
9252 posts
Hotel stay tonight and I finally stayed the core strength programme. Good lord my core felt it! So I need to get on it properly no excuses!

Good luck getting sorted Red getting there diagnosis and getting fixed.
20 Nov
7:52am, 20 Nov 2019
1778 posts
I’m trying to keep going on the core program GG. Just started stage 2 yesterday.

Beginning a very cautious and slow return to running starting with run walk.
10:13am, 21 Nov 2019
4951 posts
Eynsham Red
Me: So do you think that it would be ok for me to run the 10k on Sunday?
Physioterrorist: I think that you know what would be best.

Sometimes you know the right thing to do but just need someone else to push you in the right direction!
10:19am, 21 Nov 2019
9257 posts
Now them my physio is more inclined to say yes go for it, just assess your expectations.

If he says no then I know it means no.

I guess it depends on what his diagnosis is, how much pain you are in running, whether running is likely to make it worse at this stage or just be pain until it is fixed, how much the 10k means to you, whether you'd be happy with a slower time than you would have liked.

I bought some Hoka's which arrived yesterday a complete contrast to my amazing vibrams but I find for long road runs the sole of my feet are so painful so hoping if I get on with them they may be my long road run shoes, bizarrely vibrams don't hurt the sole of my foot so we'll see... Hoping to get out tomorrow and Sunday

actually I am at a friends tomorrow... if I got a lift there I could technically run back its around 10m that's a good distance... mmmmm
1:16pm, 21 Nov 2019
4957 posts
Eynsham Red
I’m definitely on the mend, and although I know that I’ll be able to complete the 10k, I don’t want to set myself back and delay my recovery. I’d sooner give it a miss and be able to resume pain free running sooner.

It’s my local 10k and I was RD for several years after we set it up, so I have an emotional tie to it, but it’s not like I won’t be able to run it again next time.

(I hope that one of my contacts will be able to get me a T shirt though, seeing as I’ve paid for it 😀)

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