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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

1500 miles in 2019

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25 Mar
12:45pm, 25 Mar 2019
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Ooh we could be building up for a Fetchie meet-up at the Yorkshire!

First run since last Tuesday this morning. I've been Mrs Absolutely Sensible and given my knee a complete rest, and just went for a nice gentle 3 mile pootle in the spring sunshine today. Knee still a tiny bit sore, but I think some of that was just stiffness from not running for a week.
12:06pm, 26 Mar 2019
27249 posts
Running rest day.

over 50s yoga session done. It's a hoot.
2:10pm, 26 Mar 2019
2734 posts
10k runned this morning with no major issues. Legs still a bit stiff and knee not 100%, but definitely improving.

There are some extremely flexible older ladies in my pilates class - I am in awe of what they can do.
2:38pm, 26 Mar 2019
2723 posts
Glad the lower limbs are improving jabber.

Steady 6 for me today, think everyone can safely assume that all my runs are steady this side of the marathon! Legs permanently knackered! Will be cutting the mileage down next week :-)
2:42pm, 26 Mar 2019
66584 posts
don't miss out on a little speed work Pikelet
2:47pm, 26 Mar 2019
2726 posts
I feel I have neglected speed lately Gobi. A few less miles over the next few weeks and hopefully will try and do a few speedier miles in the middle of my runs.
2:48pm, 26 Mar 2019
66586 posts
good to hear :¬)

It is important not to cut volume and remove all the speed :¬)
5:32pm, 26 Mar 2019
3125 posts
Gentle 3.5 mile plod this afternoon. Keeping things easy whilst the adductor strain heals.

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Welcome to the 1500 miles in 2019 thread! Everyone welcome, regardless of whether you plan to run more or less than 1500 miles in 2019.

If you want to be included in the monthly round ups, please enter the group here: fetcheveryone.com/groups-view.php?id=1286 and set your meilage target for 2019 to 1500 miles


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5th & 6th - Enigma Winter Double Marathon - jabberknit
12th - Country to Capital Ultra - MovingAlong
13th - Stubbington 10K - Gobi
27th - Staverton 10 - Dillthedog

10th - Punchbowl Marathon - StuH
17th - Austin Marathon - phidip

17th - Bramley 10 - Gobi

2nd - Groundhog Marathon - Toks
3rd - Newport Half - Dillthedog, jennyh

3rd - Warwick Half - Gobi, clare1976
10th - Surrey Half - StuH
17th - Fleet Half - westmoors
17th - Reading Half - MovingAlong
24th - Eastleigh 10K - Gobi
24th - Coventry Half - clare1976
24th - Cardiff Taff Trail Half - jennyh

6th - SDW 50 - StuH
7th - Manchester Marathon - MovingAlong, Toks, mole-thing
7th - Cathedral to Castle 10 - Jenni-far-far
14th - Paris Marathon - RichHL
14th - Phoenix Running Marathon - Toks
14th - Boston (UK) Marathon - HoD
17th - Phoenix Running Marathon - Toks
18th - Phoenix Running Marathon - Toks
27th - Highland Fling 53 - _andy
28th - VM London Marathon - Doc Moye, Pikelet
28th - Stratford Marathon - Jenni-far-far

6th - Milton Keynes Marathon - theOtherRichard, Toks, MovingAlong, jabberknit
12th - Market Drayton 10K - Jenni-far-far
26th - Liverpool Marathon - Jenni-far-far
27th - London 10,000 - DocMoye, jennyh

14th & 15th - Suffolk Trail Running Festival - Richard-M
15th - Endure 24 - StuH
22nd - Midnight Sun Marathon Tromso - jennyh
22nd - Giants Head Marathon - Toks

27th - Lakeland 50 - _andy

11th - Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 50K - westmoors
24th & 25th - CPR Cardiff Pentathrun - jennyh


8th - Great North Run - DocMoye
15th - Richmond Marathon - Toks
22nd Canada Army Run - Garfield

6th - Chester Metric Marathon - DocMoye
6th - Cardiff Half Marathon - jennyh
20th - Yorkshire Marathon - jabberknit
20th - Yorkshire 10 - DocMoye
26th - Snowdonia Marathon - MovingAlong, Toks, Toks, HoD

10th - Remembrance Marathon - Toks

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