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Episode 77... Featured fetchies galore: Boycie on WSW, BarefootEm and Naught_nickers on WSW Ocho, Fenland Flier on Project Joker, Pothunter on virtual racing and Jovial Gnome on retired sheep and the virtual half: Sheep Shuffle and a bit of stuff from us too.

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11 Aug
9:37pm, 11 Aug 2020
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Lip Gloss
I went out and found a half marathon a month ago on the back of little training so hopefully I can do the same either this weekend or next as long as I go out early morning
12 Aug
12:54am, 12 Aug 2020
1842 posts
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Fenland Flier
Just entered the Sheepy shuffle and got the last place :-)
12 Aug
6:31am, 12 Aug 2020
9 posts
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57 degrees, it's a Texel... the kind of face only a mother could love! πŸ˜‚ And FF, that's taking brinkmaship to the extreme! πŸ˜‚
Massive thanks to everyone who has entered! πŸ‘πŸ‘
12 Aug
4:15pm, 12 Aug 2020
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Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
That’s fabulous! :-)
12 Aug
4:17pm, 12 Aug 2020
8208 posts
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Made my year! Thank you everyone who entered.
12 Aug
4:20pm, 12 Aug 2020
42991 posts
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Lip Gloss

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Episode 77:

Featuring...Boycie, Naughty_nickers and BarefootEm, FenlandFlier, Pothunter and JovialGnome. heart heartheart

Sheepy Shuffle: totalracetiming.co.uk

Boycie blog: fetcheveryone.com/blog/2683/2020/8#blog409422

molething blog: fetcheveryone.com/blog/50704/2020/8#blog409444

BarefootEm blog: fetcheveryone.com/blog/57869/2020/8#blog409370

Naughty_nickers blog: fetcheveryone.com/blog/90456/2020/8#blog409364

Episode 72:

Featured fetchie:
chunkywizard heart

Highlighted blog:
bintmcskint: fetcheveryone.com/blog/11224/2020/6#blog408050

highlighted threads:
Treasure Hunt...new list coming! fetcheveryone.com/forum/fetch-treasure-hunt-61138/178

fetch orienteers: fetcheveryone.com/forum/fetch-orienteers-13593/

Site feature: Who's training? fetcheveryone.com/whostraining.php

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Episode 71:
Featured fetchies:
Mavis aka LipGloss heart
Wine Legs heart
Fenland Flier heart
BarefootEm heart

Highlighted threads:



Highlighted blog:
Ultra Sparkly Bridget:

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Episode 70:

No featured fetchies :-0

Highlighted Blogs:

runfree: fetcheveryone.com/blog/7509/2020/6#blog407427
HowFar?: fetcheveryone.com/blog/1057/2020/6#blog407491
Captain Malcolm Reynolds: fetcheveryone.com/blog/15802/2020/6#blog407514

Episode 68:

Featured fetchies:

ElsieToo heart
AndyFromNext Door: talking about his charity ride which is taking place on his turbo...YOU CAN SIGN UP!


Trin's Bee Blog: www.fetcheveryone.com/blog/91651

Blog: TheBeardRunner: fetcheveryone.com/blog/71245/2020/5#blog406947

Duolingo thread:


Episode 67:

Featured fetchies:

LindsD heart
fetcheveryone.com/forum/baking-thread-51857/ fetcheveryone.com/forum/doughnuts-donuts-61397/
The Scribbler heart

Transgender exercise: let's fetch everyone: fetcheveryone.com/forum/transgender-exercise---lets-fetch-everyone-61358/
The Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol thread:

JenL blog: fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=33788

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Episode 66:

Featured fetchies: Silvershadow heart and MandyMoo heart



Lost fetchies: fetcheveryone.com/forum/lost-fetchies-61402/
Knitting, craft etc: fetcheveryone.com/forum/knitting-crocheting-and-general-craftery-47085/1925

fetch: how has fetch changed?


Skipping programme: darebee.com

Article about skipping and running: executivestyle.com.au

Episode 64
A Zoom special:

Episode 63:

Featured fetchie is Howfar? heart

Highlights include:

Blogs: Eynsham Red fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=50491

Runnerbean: fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=4229


Over 50s: fetcheveryone.com/forum/over-50-s-club-3715/

Eleven at eleven: fetcheveryone.com/forum/eleven-at-eleven-61357/

Site features:
Hide and Seek: fetcheveryone.com/forum/new-fetch-game-hide-and-seek-61321/

AND next week it's the live Zoom version!!

heart owl heart pig

Episode 62:

Featured fetchies...Corrah, The Scribbler and phal.

Site features:

Training league updates...https://www.fetcheveryone.com/blog/3/2020/4#blog404937

Highlighted thread:
Unlockable Badges: fetcheveryone.com/viewtopic.php?id=58581

Highlighted blogs:
Plodding Hippo: fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=75

RunHammyRun: fetcheveryone.com/blog/75363

heart pig owl

Episode 61:

Featured fetchies...the "Fancy" crew, BarefootEm, NorthernSlowCoach and SarahWoo.

Site features:

Hide and Seek:

and to join in: fetcheveryone.com/hideandseek.php

Fetch miles:


Highlighted threads:
What if...


Treasure Hunt:

Highlighted blogs:
bro: fetcheveryone.com/blog/99515/2019/12#blog400827

heart pig owl heart

Episode 59:

Featured fetchies: LipGloss, Trin and Vancouver Jogger. heart

Highlighted threads:
Fetch Photo Gallery: Post your best, first, happiest photo here: fetcheveryone.com/viewtopic.php?id=61295

Children off school, check in here for support: fetcheveryone.com/forum__61294__children_off_school_check_in_here_for_support

Hey Fetchies, how are you?: fetcheveryone.com/forum__61279__hey_fetchies_how_are_you

Highlighted blog: Captain Malcolm Reynolds: fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=15802

Site Features:
Pinned posts: fetcheveryone.com/forum__61296__pinned_posts

Android App: fetcheveryone.com/viewtopic.php?id=61287

heart pig heart owl

Episode 58:

We talk about our training, the virus and other meanderings.

Site features this week are the Android App (and progress so far), Conquersize badges: fetcheveryone.com/badges.php and the Race Noticeboard:

Featured Fetchies are ishep and SarahWoo et al. heart

Highlighted thread is the corona virus watch thread: fetcheveryone.com/forum__61222__corona_virus_watchis_it_affecting_your_family_yet

Highlighted blog is Pothunter's:


Episode 57:

Featured Fetchies are Fenland Flier and LindsD. heart

KatieB's catchphrase being nicked: my catchphrase monkeyheads.net

Highlighted threads are:

Thames Bridge Challenge: fetcheveryone.com/forum__57200__thames_bridges_challenge

Do a New Thing for Spring 2020: fetcheveryone.com/forum__61256__do_a_new_thing_for_spring_2020

Highlighted blog is Serendippily: fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=13387

Episode 54:

We have LindsD as our featured fetchie, talking about a social run at work.

Site features:

Fetch miles: fetcheveryone.com/mile.php
and fetcheveryone.com/forum__61230__my_fetch_mile

Fetch's blog:


Blog and thread highlights:

Valyrian Plastic: fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=64255

What podcasts do you listen to? fetcheveryone.com/viewtopic.php?id=59560

No pepper pots were harmed in the making of this episode!

Episode 53:

We have featured fetchies: Fenland Flier, Lip Gloss and Silvershadow et al.

Site feature: Build your Mile...see the Fetch Mile Map here: fetcheveryone.com/mile.php

Blog and thread highlights are:
Treasure Hunt Blogs:
um - fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=43889
Wine Legs - fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=34542
Nightjar - fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=3991

Any computer games fan? (Where's the nerd nerd icon?!) fetcheveryone.com/viewtopic.php?id=57449

And of course the Treasure Hunt thread fetcheveryone.com/viewtopic.php?id=61138

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