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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Fetcheveryone Podcast

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19 Feb
8:53pm, 19 Feb 2019
4410 posts
Glad you asked Fetch, I didn't understand a word Sam said either :)
19 Feb
8:55pm, 19 Feb 2019
21297 posts
I do the 'Normalize' bit when we've finished recording - which I assume does some sort of audio tidying - but I haven't gone much further with trying to understand the process.
19 Feb
8:55pm, 19 Feb 2019
204 posts
Sam Jelfs
compressor - make the quiet bits louder
equaliser - the important bit of voice is at frequencies under 4kHz, cutting the frequencies above that can help make you sound richer / warmer.
Normalise - amplify everything until the point that the loudest sound is at the limit of what you can store in the file - or I would suggest doing -2 dB below the limit just to be on the safe side.

If you want we can have a chat on skype one day about it all.

(I used to be a sound engineer by trade and now work on audio encoding amongst other things)
19 Feb
9:09pm, 19 Feb 2019
32958 posts
Lip Gloss
Glad I wasn't the only one who was struggling to hear it but it's been fab so far.
19 Feb
9:41pm, 19 Feb 2019
45331 posts
The Mighty Fleecy
Lol at Sam, fetchies really do know everything :)
19 Feb
9:43pm, 19 Feb 2019
33837 posts
The Wisdom of Crowds of Fetchies. Someone ought to write a book.
19 Feb
9:43pm, 19 Feb 2019
32962 posts
Lip Gloss
We have a fetchie for everything - well done Sam :-)
19 Feb
11:19pm, 19 Feb 2019
13289 posts
If I can train myself to only talk at frequencies below 4Hz, will I actually get richer and warmer, or just sound like I’m rich and warm?

I loved the podcast and it was loud enough for me, although I was listening through headphones while I was on the move.

I really liked Fleecy’s description of where she runs. I have kingfisher envy now though.
19 Feb
11:35pm, 19 Feb 2019
4377 posts
57.5 Degrees of Pain
Episode 7 helped ease the pain of a run with the dog on a miserable wet evening. Managed to hoover up a few WSW squares on the way too.
20 Feb
10:38am, 20 Feb 2019
22028 posts
Great blog again, finally got a chance to listen to it on the bus to work this morning.

Katie, the your 2nd attempt at my name was the correct one but I'll pretty much answer to anything

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6) email the file to me (ian@.... you know the rest) with a note (like a tenner, lol)

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