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16 Mar
4:25pm, 16 Mar 2019
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FRU (KeepTheFaith)
I Can I can I CAN!

I ran 6.37 miles today - wasn't in the mood as I came out of the house but quickly felt bouncy so off I bounced - I've been murraging over how to run a route that takes me 6 miles for a couple of weeks but today I just got on with it - and it's opened up what could well be a really good route because I can make it as long "out" as I want (actually upto 13 miles if I want) so it may well be a brilliant way to judge progress and push a little extra over the next few weeks

That's the furthest I've run in such a long time - phew!

Whatever you are all upto this weekend I hope your enjoying it

I've also come back from Tesco with a bottle of 0.05% Red Wine and a No alchohol tin of Budweiser... let's see what they are like

My aim is to still have a couple of glasses of "real" wine but I do want to explore this new lowalcohol range as it makes sense to me to try and reduce intake but not the actual chill feel of a nice glass in hand... plus I'm so intrigued by the Gin versions for summer... a couple of real ones and then switch to fake - in my mind that's perfect
17 Mar
10:34am, 17 Mar 2019
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FRU (KeepTheFaith)
So..the Budweiser zero was perfectly fine as was the low alcohol red, both did the trick... I had one glass of real red wine and then two fakers... his nibs said it was disgusting! Lol.. he didn't like it at all.. but to be honest for me it worked and I still felt relaxed and as if it was a nice weekend treat... and no hangover or fuzzy head this morning

Questioning the calorie content but one step at a time as we say!

I've started a new Facebook group if anyone's interested... it's not just for running, it's a total mix bag of people who want to be a bit more focused on healthier ways and dropping the bad habits

If you want to join on there I'm Julia Smithsfield... pm me and I can add you to the group. It's just beginning

Today's mini challenge for me is 3mile run and then create some magic soup... we've the boys this weekend so I'm not sure what today will bring me might be able to drag them out for a walk

Happy St Patrick's day if any of you are celebrating. Guinness does have some medicinal worth I believe!! Lol.. did you see the Guinness Zero mindful drinking post.. most excellent!
17 Mar
8:09pm, 17 Mar 2019
12170 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
Teenage boys totally refused to go out today - they are so fickle!! So instead I've been busy sorting stuff and getting ready for the week ahead

Ran 3.5 today :-) and ran into the superhero park run event - very funny - I felt quite underdressed!

Goals this week
- Do some serious damage to my new moleskin notebook :-)

- Investigate more low alcohol options
- Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day
- Fit in 2 weight sessions
- Run the beach route
- Run the sea wall
- Be more mindful of prep for lunches
- Avoid the work treats!

19 Mar
5:30pm, 19 Mar 2019
12171 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
I am sat here procrastinating instead of getting out there while it's till light!! Off I go promoted self to go get my trainers on promto!

Where are you all at?
20 Mar
4:41pm, 20 Mar 2019
12172 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
I ended the procrastinating and went out and enjoyed the first light run of the year - even managed to make the beach and it was still light - great news!

I've just downloaded strava to my phone as I am so nervous about the cost of a new Garmin and worried I wont be able to read the screen - anyhow I'm also trying to take a photo a day now on my runs for a project so it makes sense at the moment not to spend the money BUT the strava seems to be a bit hit an miss - it told me I did a 9.28 av pace on one run earlier this week - I'd love to bag that but cant be right

So.. today phone and strava in hand off I went on a morning pre-work adventure... got almost stuck in a cow field - so funny! Luckily no cows but I now have "an experience" of how to get over a gate that has smooth solid steel one side... LOL! Omg

- 5-6 pints of water a day tick
- Run more - tick

I also got a new moleskin notepad a couple of weeks ago and re-found my lovely brown in fountain pen... YES!!
23 Mar
9:40am, 23 Mar 2019
12174 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
So the strava app is proving to be a good replacement for a garmin just now, although I miss being able to see the stats easily as you run, like last night I ran 3.9 on the beach route... if I’d had a garmin it would have been a clean 4

Might have a look for a wearable phone cover

So..this week

- no biscuits from the treat area tick
- at least 5 pints of water every day. Tick
- one early morning run & gym session and today’s is 2 gyms tick

Chuffed! I feel better... apart from last night I had wine, and today I realise it’s impact. The positive is I’ve been playing with the low or no alcohol alternatives and they seem to be ok to me, gives you the feel of a nice drink, same glasses etc but without the sluggish urghhh feeling the next day

I’m going to keep playing

Hope your all doing ok. I know there’s a few recoveries and awaiting results going on.. best wishes to you all xx
24 Mar
8:54am, 24 Mar 2019
12175 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
I’m just waking up... and then off on a big ish challenge. I’m attempting to run to meet my friends who are supporting Colchester half... my route is half of the half about 7 miles

I feel quietly nervouse as I e bit run that far in over 15 months I think.. but I’ve no pressures on me and can just take my time plus I might actually get lost! Lol.. I enot quite got my bearings on the route I’m taking

Hope whatever your upto is with CAN in mind 😊
24 Mar
8:59am, 24 Mar 2019
15294 posts
Ooh run twins
I did my longest in a while yesterday and it included walking and chatting to other people out and about and looking at the views :)

No pressure FRU enjoy your half a half :)
24 Mar
12:46pm, 24 Mar 2019
4333 posts
The Scribbler
I can run 6 miles after 3 weeks off! I've been itching to run after my holiday but sidelined by a cold that's left me too tired and grumpy to entertain it. This morning I was still feeling a bit snotty but determined to get out. Really just a see how it feels run, so I was happy to tick off 6 miles with most of the battles being mental ones. I'm really thankful for all my strength training as my legs felt good until the last half mile.
24 Mar
3:05pm, 24 Mar 2019
12176 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
Great news you two... well done! Isnt it just YEY when you do a longer run than you have done in eaons

I'm well chuffed with mine today - I ended up somewhere around 8.25 - it was a very chilled relaxed run, originally the intention to run to meet the girls supporting the half runners but I got stuck at a junction where the country lane had one lane shut, and the other full of runners coming towards me - I decided it would be really unfair all round (no paths) to run the opposite direction because of traffic going the same way as I would be...instead I turned back and ended up in our park gym - fun! :-) Quite nice to mess about on a few of the machines and then walk back having a "Girl" nosey in a few shops

Ok.. the shop experience

I've still got alot of weight to loose. This is quite hard to face up to. I am not being very kind to myself about how i look and I have a limited wardrobe that I can wear

I saw some cool things today - boiler suits have been in my mind for some time, and now I see that our old school cargo pants are drifting back in, but in the shape of a mini skirt... so there's the start point - I took a cargo mini skirt in size 14 into the cubical of terror (LOL.. is it just me who HATES our changing rooms in clothes shops) and the 14 "almost" fit

What happened though was quite nice

- I CAN see what I need to change
- I CAN see the clothes I would like in a few months time
- I CAN wait and have a new look in mind as I make progress

So rather than coming out completely demoroalised I actually felt ok... I know I've alot still to do but I'm not getting there in a few days, or weeks, it's a steady progression

Verbal diarrhoea today!!

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