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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Fetch can

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22 May
6:16pm, 22 May 2019
12210 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
Can'd the beach tonight - VERY hard... but gorgeous weather!

Yesterdays day was great! I even burst my Mersea Island bubble and had a sea swim with the boss at high tide.. that was so nice I am considering getting some kit for work for the summer!!

Cross training you know ;-)
22 May
6:34pm, 22 May 2019
15410 posts
Looked lush in the sea :)

Bit of a hiccup here, took the car into the garage and set off to do a double figure run...
Got back to the village at just short of 6 miles and was planning out and back to make it up to 10 but both body and mind said NO :-O
Think last weeks excess of food and wine and no running might have had something to do with it :(

Oh well, onwards and upwards :)
22 May
9:10pm, 22 May 2019
12211 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
I think 6 when you feel like that is awesome.. my run Sunday was shockingly bad and I’m not sure I should have done the 9 so you do right to call it at 6.. makes perfect sense

I think my weekend before got me in the same way

Swimming was so ace yesterday.. want to do that again as summer kicks in 😊
23 May
8:05am, 23 May 2019
12212 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
my god its a hot one today!

suns up here already... i was shattered last nighg so it was early to ged for me and slept really well for a change
25 May
11:53am, 25 May 2019
12213 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
Thank god for cars needing MOT's!

Had to get ours in for 8am today - I was 10 mins late and got a stern telling off by the garage man as I hadn't realised they have them booked in so close plus I am shite at getting up on a Saturday morning (well any morning actually!)

Drop off car and aim for 8 miles..

Last weeks 9 was so unpretty and hard I was actually nervous today - I seem to be struggling with getting from 1-3 miles and then the middle bit not too bad - I think it's the doubting Thomas effect - and I still have to work hard to get over that and move ahead

Anyhow.. getting up and out was ace - not easy - not and easy run - however it's such a pretty route - very easy to loose your head in the fresh air and not get too negative as it's just so beautiful

So the rest of the day is about chilling out - and we're off up to town to visit our Castle

- we got a freebie ticket as last time we went and paid they gave us a "come back for free" ticket for the rest of the year - it's a great way to get people back visiting and the things on display in there are interesting if you like that sort of thing. We usually cant help ourselves and have to go visit the witches cells, linked to Matthew Hopkins the Witchfinder general - very creepy in the cells - also very sad...

Must make a note to self about Saturday morning running - getting up and out around 8am is the best way forwards.
25 May
11:57am, 25 May 2019
31537 posts
Derby Tup
Three runs in four days and a PB at Keighley Parkrun this morning

Had a really great week. Chemo again next Tuesday. Thankfully side effects for first cycle haven’t been as bad as I feared

FRU you’re doing great 👍🏻
1 Jun
11:19am, 1 Jun 2019
12214 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
well that was a rubbish week!

not quite sure what happened other than a hugewave of exhaustion and feeling very weirdly up and down in sugar energy... a giddy rush one minute and massive slump the next

Consoling myself that this needs recording as it could well be linked to hormonal cycle in which case it's likely to happen again and i nust need to chill and accept it

can today includes
3 mile run
plenty of tea & water
good food
a hair chop!

derby tup ihope the weeks gone well for you... and that you have continued to be out and about it sounds like its very positive to keep the walking and runs you can do 😊
1 Jun
5:49pm, 1 Jun 2019
15445 posts
Be kind to yourself FRU blackheart

Been a long week here too :)
But 2 early morning runs, a body balance class, a fighting fit class and today my first 10 mile run in s very long time!
Bonked at 8 1/2 miles but battled on, was very warm and humid, I should have probably taken a drink with me

Had a lovely disco nap this afternoon and I have DOMS and IOMS ;)

Missed Wednesdays run and was thinking of doing it tomorrow, might wait and see how I feel in the morning

Food and drink was in abundance last week so pleased that this mornings weigh in didn’t see a rise - another positive

Keep on keeping on...
1 Jun
8:12pm, 1 Jun 2019
12215 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
OMG 10, you little beauty!

Inspired by that. I had a topsy Turvey day and ended up doing 3.. happy enough with that and have come to terms with probably not hitting that 10 myself this weekend but you & me know that we have the doubles in there

I’ve still not dated the scales.. my hormones playing all kinds of tricks

Today I’ve decided to try and get back to a good plan of eating.. that’s me done with slimfast

Ace work lady, impressive!

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