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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Indoor Rowing

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4 Jul
9:05am, 4 Jul 2019
1094 posts
Will Crash
I`ve just set my garage up after our house move and unpacked my Concept 2.
I`ve just completed an Ironman (June 16th) and looking to use the Concept 2 to help maintain fitness along with the usual cycle,run,swim stuff i do.
Any ideas re sessions please ?
4 Jul
9:42am, 4 Jul 2019
935 posts
Lots of running and too much work going on here.
Not enough rowing.
6 Jul
12:08pm, 6 Jul 2019
426 posts
Will, it depends on exactly what you want to achieve on the rower. A good place to start is the wiki (see right ---) cos it has a bunch of plans for pretty much every purpose. I use various flavours of the Pete Plan.

Just an easy 20 minutes today. Amazing how much you can sweat when it's warm in the lounge. Thankfully I have a mat under the rower otherwise I'd have a stinky carpet.
6 Jul
12:23pm, 6 Jul 2019
34470 posts
I’m just managing my body weight strength stuff while I’m at the Older Generation’s place in Leicester and even that is getting a bit too sweaty Muttley! I’m also using a mat to protect their carpet.

Will: search on YouTube for Dark Horse Rowing, Training Tall and Kiwipair. They do coaching videos and row along sessions to give a bit of variety and some useful pointers on how to beat use the machine. We’re keen amateurs. They’re the experts.
8 Jul
12:07pm, 8 Jul 2019
427 posts
Another hot sweaty session - 3 x 8 minutes moderate effort. 26 degrees in a south-facing lounge.
11 Jul
7:57am, 11 Jul 2019
3958 posts
Just did my first session back on the erg last night since the end of May (June was ridiculously busy anyway, then we were on holiday from 20th to 2nd July, then been busy with work and running). Just did a 10 minute warm up then a 2km row (nothing fantastic time-wise, I just couldn’t face going any further). It was hard work! Not sure if it’s the break, the heat or both, but I couldn’t have imagined doing 5K or further.
11 Jul
8:54am, 11 Jul 2019
943 posts
Did the July C2CTC last night.

Row 500m, 2' 30" Rest

400m, 2' Rest

300m, 1' 30" Rest

200m, 1' Rest

100m to finish

First rep from a standing start.

Subsequent reps from a standing or rolling start (your choice).
Record your time for 1500 metres, not including the seven minutes of rest.

I managed a 4:49.2 which is an average of 1:36.4/500m.
(The big boys are pulling low 1:20s)

Finished off with 5X1500m.

It was quite warm in the shed...
14 Jul
11:14am, 14 Jul 2019
546 posts
Cats Whiskers
Good to hear how you're all getting on. Sounds like I'm not the only one struggling to get in some consistent rowing at the moment (busy period at work, yet another injury, plus the weather...). Now trying to get back into some sort of routine.

Since coming back from injury, my stroke rate and rhythm seem to have changed dramatically. I've no idea how/why, but suddenly I'm averaging about 20 s/m instead of nearer 30 for the same sorts of time per distance. I guess this is a good thing overall, but now I want to start building in some intervals sessions I'm not sure what stroke rate I should be aiming for on those.

I remember ages ago someone saying that on a 2K time trial, the top rowers would aim to get the s/r up around 30. Should I be aiming to hit that kind of s/r on a L1 effort? Yesterday I was struggling to maintain anything over about 22 even when trying to push the pace - a completely new experience for me! What kind of s/r do others use on L1/L2 sets?
14 Jul
8:17pm, 14 Jul 2019
34491 posts
Lower stroke rate for a given strength is (within reason) a good thing. As long as you aren't getting too compressed at the catch (knees shouldn't go past feet) or over-leaning at the end of the stroke then that's a great sign that you've gained some efficiency.

Stroke rates for faster stuff are really subjective. The top folks will stroke at 30+ for a 2k, sure, but they're also getting splits of 1:20-something at the top end so it's not really comparable. Try to keep your stroke length consistent as you increase your rate. If you find that you need to chop your stroke to get the rate up you're losing efficiency and your ultimate top pace for 2k will suffer.

I stroked at 31 for my 2k PB but honestly I think I could do better if I kept my length and dropped rate to 28. It takes work to get that efficiency and power in each stroke though.

(Knocked out a 10km PB this afternoon. 40:44, stroking at 20 strokes)
16 Jul
10:38am, 16 Jul 2019
428 posts
Interesting session, Sinj - a bit like half the pyramid that features in the full-fat Pete Plan. I ought to take a look at these C2CTC things for inspiration to jazz up my training.

CW, if you're averaging 20 spm for steady rows that sounds good. We're all different but I find 20-ish is good for easy/steady, 24-ish is for longer intervals and a bit harder effort, and 28-30 is for short intervals like 500m (for reference I'm male, 80 kg, and pushing 60).

I have been doing some rowing but since the weather has been glorious for the past couple of weeks I've been more interested in getting out for a run!

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About This Thread

How about a little league of 2000m times to see what we're up against:

Oranj (1988 vintage): 6:44.6
Jef(2010 vintage): 6:46.6
Nellers: 7:03.8
Pothunter (2005 vintage): 7:06
Gym_Bunny: 7:16.9
theOtherRichard: 7:22.5
Jef: 7:23.9
Mouseytongue: 7:30.2
Oranj: 7:37.6
lammo: 7:56
Tiger Feet: 8:00.1
Muttley: 8:08.5
Cats Whiskers: 8:19.3
Angus Clydesdale: 8:47.2
BanjoBax: 9:13
Sally Kate: 9:18
HellsBells: 9:23.1
Sweetie: 9:27
Lesley C: 9:34
alpenrose: 10:03

And here's a tidy little Rowing distance league table that Fetch has put together for us: fetcheveryone.com/league-rowing.php

And here (courtesy of Angus Clydesdale) is a link to the Wiki of useful things like training plans: fetcheveryone.com/article-view.php?id=544

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