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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Indoor Rowing

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17 May
11:03am, 17 May 2019
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Sunflowers are good.

Just an easy 20 minutes this morning. Depressing how quickly performance deteriorates after a week or so off. Oh well, just marking time at the moment while I tackle other stuff.
18 May
10:34am, 18 May 2019
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Cats Whiskers
Marking time is fine, Muttley, especially when you've got other stuff taking up your energy and attention. Good luck with the house move. Are you moving far?
18 May
12:01pm, 18 May 2019
405 posts
I am moving literally across the road, CW. It's a long story but briefly, I bought a newbuild a year ago and there's a problem. So the builder's taking it in px for another place. I could do without the hassle but it solves the problem!

Anyhoo ... another easy 20 mins this morning. I've decided to try a change of tack in the hope it will tackle a long-running and nagging twinge/ache in the legs/hips. Instead of a decent sesh rowing or running on alternating days, it'll be a brief row in the morning and a brief run-jog-plod in the afternoon. I'll see if this is beneficial.
19 May
12:51pm, 19 May 2019
34239 posts
I've just done a 1 hour session of 10 minute stroke sequences from the Wolverine plan.

16-18-16-18-16, 18-16-18-16-18, 16-18-20-18-16, all of those changing on 2 minutes.

4,3,2,1 of 16-18-20-22
3,3,3,1 of 16-18-20-22

then 16-18-16-18-16 to begin warming down.

I think doing this stuff is making me think more about stroke length and form and is going to make my stroke more efficient. Physiologically I think its building a bit of strength too as the aerobic load isn't too drastic but to hold, say 2.09 pace on 18 strokes means you're pulling pretty hard.

Interesting. Every day is a school-day.

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About This Thread

How about a little league of 2000m times to see what we're up against:

Oranj (1988 vintage): 6:44.6
Jef(2010 vintage): 6:46.6
Pothunter (2005 vintage): 7:06
Nellers: 7:08.5
Gym_Bunny: 7:16.9
theOtherRichard: 7:22.5
Jef: 7:23.9
Mouseytongue: 7:30.2
Oranj: 7:37.6
lammo: 7:56
Tiger Feet: 8:00.1
Muttley: 8:08.5
Cats Whiskers: 8:19.3
Angus Clydesdale: 8:47.2
BanjoBax: 9:13
Sally Kate: 9:18
HellsBells: 9:23.1
Sweetie: 9:27
Lesley C: 9:34
alpenrose: 10:03

And here's a tidy little Rowing distance league table that Fetch has put together for us: fetcheveryone.com/league-rowing.php

And here (courtesy of Angus Clydesdale) is a link to the Wiki of useful things like training plans: fetcheveryone.com/article-view.php?id=544

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