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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Elderly parents or relatives to care for and/or worry about? This is the place for you.

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19 Apr
5:31pm, 19 Apr 2019
17942 posts
She did ignore them all morning. It's very hard, though.
19 Apr
5:40pm, 19 Apr 2019
1332 posts
Little Miss Happy
I couldn't ignore the calls Chris even though I know what HB says is true. The home will be used to this kind of behaviour though, it's surprisingly common. It might be worth mentioning the complaints about cold tea to the the home though then they have the opportunity to address it as I would put money on your MiL not actually saying anything.

My mobile rang whilst i was out shopping today - heart in mouth again - I do hope this heightened stress level dissipates soon. last night I woke up after a nightmare in which FiL's funding was declined only of course that did happen but is sorted now.
19 Apr
8:29pm, 19 Apr 2019
2768 posts
Oh dear, my Mum's not so good again, and is in A&E in Bradford. She felt funny and sensibly called an ambulance, but no-one knew!

Jill, her cleaner/shopper, called in and found the house empty and called me, then kindly called the infirmary for us and has tracked her down.

Looks like we'll be heading up to Yorkshire again this weekend.
19 Apr
8:48pm, 19 Apr 2019
27326 posts
I'm sorry jk.
19 Apr
8:53pm, 19 Apr 2019
26406 posts
Oh dear, jabberknit :-(
19 Apr
9:43pm, 19 Apr 2019
10375 posts
Oh no, JK, but at least she called for the ambulance.
19 Apr
9:50pm, 19 Apr 2019
2770 posts
And my Mum's back home again! Jill went and collected her from A&E and took her home, and will call in tomorrow morning to check all is OK.
19 Apr
10:37pm, 19 Apr 2019
16949 posts
Oh dear jk, I hope it was something simply fixed.
5:53am, 20 Apr 2019
1333 posts
Little Miss Happy
Worrying jabberknit. Good that she called for help though.

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About This Thread

I thought I'd start a thread, as lots of us have elderly folks that we worry about/care for.

Useful info for after someone dies here (with thanks to grast_girl)

Other useful links



Who pays for residential care? Information here:


Also: After someone dies, if their home insurance was only in their name, sadly the cover becomes void. But if the policy was in joint names, it will still cover the surviving policyholder (though the names on the policy will need to be updated).

A useful book of exercises for memory loss and dementia