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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Project Joker

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16 Jul
8:58pm, 16 Jul 2019
5950 posts
Or FR. ;)
16 Jul
8:59pm, 16 Jul 2019
2246 posts
LOL ;)
16 Jul
9:11pm, 16 Jul 2019
34975 posts
Lip Gloss
Thanks. Cross training? I have my exercise bike I try to use twice a week.
16 Jul
9:12pm, 16 Jul 2019
2248 posts
Spot on Lip Gloss. Cycling or swimming is perfect. Active non impact recovery.
16 Jul
9:41pm, 16 Jul 2019
2250 posts
Intervals tonight, pyramid session.

Really happy with the results!

200m - 0:54
400m - 1:36
800m - 3:16
1,200m - 5:03
800m - 3:16
400m - 1:34
200m - 0:43

Initial 200 metres was probably a bit slow (and maybe over distance) otherwise pretty much nailed my last interval session.

Last run of #projo is the parkrun time trial on Saturday.
16 Jul
9:45pm, 16 Jul 2019
4630 posts
Fragile Do Not Bend
Wanted to go to a group session which would have been some flavour of speedwork, but my hayfever is giving me merry hell at the moment. Some rain is forecast for Thursday which will be good for the hayfever (and the garden) so hopefully I can do my intervals then.
16 Jul
10:09pm, 16 Jul 2019
23327 posts
Wriggling Snake
intervals, short set, 6*400, but with core/strength work between each 400 (press ups, sit ups, burpees, spotty dogs, tri dips, dorsal raise, planks, squats)...managed to keep my 400s around 7mm with no recovery, straight into and out of the core work. Quite happy.

Thanks a good looking pyramid!
16 Jul
10:11pm, 16 Jul 2019
13043 posts
16 Jul
10:13pm, 16 Jul 2019
2252 posts
Nice work WS. Very nice work.
7:22am, 17 Jul 2019
34986 posts
Lip Gloss
Happy birthday WS cake

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