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1500 miles in 2017

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19 Nov
8:20pm, 19 Nov 2017
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Ha ha!!;-) I guess you're enjoying that more than hubby's perch for you on our coat rack.(will post photo when I find it again!)
19 Nov
8:58pm, 19 Nov 2017
18753 posts
Doc Moye
Funky makes me laugh
19 Nov
10:58pm, 19 Nov 2017
31903 posts

He's found a spot he can call his own.
19 Nov
11:02pm, 19 Nov 2017
31904 posts
(Yes, that was just an excuse to flash my medal haul on the thread. Sorry.)
7:02am, 20 Nov 2017
18758 posts
Doc Moye
What are those medals hanging on? ..... looks like someone’s bald head
7:04am, 20 Nov 2017
31905 posts
It's a mushroom bass speaker Doc.
8:15am, 20 Nov 2017
8048 posts
Watford Wobble
A fine collection Nellers.
8:58am, 20 Nov 2017
2375 posts
I thought that too Doc :-)

Nice bling Nellers!

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