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Read a book from every year of your life challenge

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11 Jan
5:52pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Decided my 2014 book is going to be Alan Cumming's Not my Father's Son. I'm not a massive fan of 'misery memoirs' but several friends have strongly recommended it, and it'll be good to have a non-fiction book on the 'to read' pile for a change.

11 Jan
6:23pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Just about finished my first book.......Shooting script....Gavin Lyall 1966...started ok.....finished up as far fetched lunacy!!!....
14 Jan
4:13pm, 14 Jan 2017
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Little Nemo
Finally picked up my first book from the library, should be ready to start it in a day or so.
14 Jan
9:37pm, 14 Jan 2017
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Fleecing Icicles
Finished 1973 at last, bizarre ending! Really very odd book but quite easy to read and kept the pages turning. I think I'd read Piers Paul Read again.
Time to choose 1974, any recommendations?
14 Jan
10:54pm, 14 Jan 2017
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Im going for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
15 Jan
12:44am, 15 Jan 2017
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Funnily enough I was going for that one too Heinz,
15 Jan
7:55am, 15 Jan 2017
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Fleecing Icicles
I think I might have read it already, I've certainly read something by Le Carre and it's likely to have been that. There's a Maigret on the list too and I've read lots of those, no idea which as it was 30 years ago.
15 Jan
9:38am, 15 Jan 2017
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I've just finished my second from 1965 Dick Francis book Odds Against. One of the things that really struck me about it were the two main 'baddies' were a husband and wife team called Mr & Mrs Kraye (referred to a lot as The Krayes.) I guess that at the time he was writing this book The Kray twins were not as notorious as criminals at that time. A few years later and I think it's unlikely his publishers would have wanted him to use that name.

He also refers to someone 'grinning like a Halloween turnip' which of course was what people would carve in the 60s not pumpkins.

I may have to jump to 1971 and Bonecrack next as I have yet to get my 1966, 1967, 1969 and 1970 books although I have a very kind offer of a loan from another Fetchie. I did read Bonecrack only a few months ago in fact but I wasn't doing this challenge then so I feel I should read it again in the spirit of the challenge.
16 Jan
2:30pm, 16 Jan 2017
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Still plodding through Life in A Medieval City

Has anyone given up on a choice yet? If so what did you do, move on, or pick another for the year? Asking for a friend ;-)

To be a bit more positive here's my possibles for years to come:

1972 The Camerons - Robert Crichton

1974 Shardik, 1977 The Plague Dogs, 1980 Girl in a Swing - all Richard Adams of Watership Down fame: I read his obituary the other day, which mentioned these. I think I'l probably pick just one.

1977 Dorothy Parker, biography by Marian Meade
1994 Grey Area - Will Self
2000 - Barbara Castle: Politics and Power - Lisa Martineau
2001 Why we Run - Heinrich Bernd
16 Jan
2:46pm, 16 Jan 2017
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Clare as it goes I did sort of.
Started A small town in Germany. I will finish it but gave up briefly its a bit of a plod review say its a slow start

Reading The Reproductive System now enjoying it though it has lots of characters. Surprisingly its SF which isn't my thing normally

Maybe try another book and go back to it later

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