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Read a book from every year of your life challenge

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17 Dec
1:04am, 17 Dec 2016
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Right I had this mad idea to read a book which was first published from every year of my life. Starting in January. New year and all that and I have 2 books to finish first.

I shall still read books from the book group thread so no worries on that score.
Because of this this isn't a do it in a year challenge might take me a little longer.

I was actually surprised it generated a little interest so here it is for anyone keen to join in.
Baroness on Alice the Camels blog asked about a thread. So this is it

A good website is Fantastic Fiction

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Where you can check what books were first published in each year. Other websites do exist.

I'll do the sidebar thingy tomorrow after I sleep its late now.
Add that link. And all that.

I'm starting in 1968. Amongst the books of choice were 2001 A space odyssey, Airport by Arthur Hailey
But I decided on John Le Carre and A small town in Germany.
Not read him. But my dad did. I will like Alice read a variety of genres. Books I've not read before and all that.

This will be so exciting and fun

So who's with me
17 Dec
7:20am, 17 Dec 2016
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Does it count if you've already read a book for a particular year, or do you have to read another one?
17 Dec
10:01am, 17 Dec 2016
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It's down to you. You make your own rules. I'm going to try books I've not read before.
17 Dec
10:53am, 17 Dec 2016
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What a great idea. Bravo!
17 Dec
1:05pm, 17 Dec 2016
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I'm still trying to work my way through the Telegraph top 100 as well as reading the book group books, so this might be a challenge too far for the moment. But I like the idea.
17 Dec
2:05pm, 17 Dec 2016
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Fleecing Bells
There's an Ann Tyler I haven't read from 1972...
17 Dec
2:44pm, 17 Dec 2016
9892 posts
I think this is a great idea - I'm in :-)
17 Dec
3:39pm, 17 Dec 2016
6105 posts
Thanks for starting the thread Owlie
I'm going to finish the book I am reading at the moment then I am going to get going on this.
17 Dec
5:07pm, 17 Dec 2016
27118 posts
I'm in of course.

Intriguingly I'm also going to go for a Le Carre book (A Murder of Quality) which first came out in 1962, the year of my birth.

Like Owlie, I'm going to start at my birth year and move forward but I will read other stuff inbetween. I'm also restricting myself to books I haven't read before.
17 Dec
5:49pm, 17 Dec 2016
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I like this :-) That website is great, very helpful, thanks.

I'm starting (in the New Year!) with High Rise by JG Ballard from 1975. Sad to turn down the chance to read Golfing For Cats from the same year, but, well, golf.

About This Thread

The plan to read a book that was first published from each year of your life.
Doesn't matter how long it takes.

some websites for ideas

Fantastic Fiction
Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Good Reads
Link (roll over me to see where I go)

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