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700 miles in 2017

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11 Jan
5:48pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Cstar Wednesday is night

Am giving calf a few more days after last Saturdays test run, marathon training consists of 5 miles run 1.1 mile swim 75 miles Bike and 6 days GYM, handicap run really wouldn't do me any good
11 Jan
5:59pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Lovely jacket LD - I find Ronhill is generally pretty good stuff too, lasts a decent time.
11 Jan
6:09pm, 11 Jan 2017
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My first proper non club running top was a Ron Hill in 1982...matching shorts too...still have the top......a bit small on me these days!!!!
11 Jan
6:10pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Part one of run commute done. V successful. About as quick as on the bike :-)

Part two coming up....
11 Jan
6:13pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Despite coffee and a brownie and a mild perking up, I am going to ditch track as crawling around or taking a nap on the track itself might be frowned upon.

RA you're a nutter, but a forward planning nutter :-)
11 Jan
6:14pm, 11 Jan 2017
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I love that jacket! I have a ronhill one which is fab, and still wear my very first pair of running tights which are also ronhill
11 Jan
6:17pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Go for it, DrL. Nice jacket LD.

I have had another lazy day. I've also had a word with myself. I'll see tomorrow if I was listening.
11 Jan
6:17pm, 11 Jan 2017
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XB if you didn't hear I'm sure some on this thread can remind you...
11 Jan
6:21pm, 11 Jan 2017
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It is lucky/dangerous/expensive that Gear for Girls is half an hour away. It probably saves me much money that by coincidence it is in the wee town that the ILs live in, so I don't in fact visit it that often... (badperson)
11 Jan
6:59pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Pompey Paul
LD - you could of warned us! We needed sunglasses to look at that jacket!

RA - volunteering is the best way to get a feel for the ultra's, hope to see you on route (I am on the wait list but hopeful of a place)

ITG - I ran the SDW100 last year so no distance PB's planned.

FP - You missed the mud, lot's of mud at Hell Runner too :-)

About This Thread

Welcome to the 700 miles in 2017 thread, everybody welcome :-)

The thread motto is:

'700 miles is neither necessary nor sufficient'

All you have to do is run about 1.91 miles per day or 13.46 miles per week or 58.33 miles per month and take a picture when you get to 700 miles of either you or the spot you reached the target or both if you want to. And if you go under or over 700 miles nobody will mind.

Join in the chat on the friendliest thread around - all things discussed and sometimes even some running is talked about.

Happy running :-)

Link for next years spreadsheet is hereLink (roll over me to see where I go) thanks Fleecy

group link is here

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Mileage league is here

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

If you have any target races you want highlighted for 2017, send an fmail to Mandymoo Link (roll over me to see where I go) and they will appear below

5th - Lip Gloss - Brodie Castle 10k Medal!
5th - LazyDaisy - Guy Fawkes 5
11th - RRR-Caz - Queen Elizabeth X-Country
12th - RRR-Caz - Datchet X-Country
15th - Pothunter - Dark 10k
18th - 700 Alpacas of Doom - HDS
Serendippily, LindsD, Fleecy, Fidgety Midget, (K, C & N)
Link (roll over me to see where I go)
19th - Alpenrose - Wimborne 10
19th - Sallykate - St Neots Half Marathon
19th - LazyDaisy - Newent Nine
19th - Ymee - Wooler Trail Marathon
19th - Lip Gloss - Fraserburgh Half
19th - Dillthedog57 - Gosport Half
19th - 12barDavid - Brooks Brighton 10k
25th - Pompey Paul & Bintmcskint - WW50
26th - Mandymoo - ATC 666 Trail run

10th - Alpenrose - Christmas 10k
10th - 12barDavid - The Mince Pie 10 mile
13th - RRR-Caz - Dinton Challenge (6 hr event)
31st - RRR-Caz - Gutbuster 10 miles

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