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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Bedford Bridges Challenge

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14 Jul
3:34pm, 14 Jul 2019
13078 posts
14 Jul
3:39pm, 14 Jul 2019
9723 posts
Sounds lovely, Mrs J :)
14 Jul
3:46pm, 14 Jul 2019
28543 posts
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
It was lovely apart from a section from Sandy along a grassy uneven riverbank, I was so wary of turning my ankle, thought of you all the while Sarah.
15 Jul
10:17am, 15 Jul 2019
22370 posts
15 Jul
10:31am, 15 Jul 2019
7618 posts

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About This Thread

Bedford Bridges Challenge
13th July, 11am start.

Meet at Fetch Towers (5, MK403SD, free street parking available) for an 11am start.

Run will be very approximately 6-7 miles, taking in as many bridges along the river as we can manage.

Followed by food at The Embankment pub at about 1pm. Please choose your food here ASAP:


Silvershadow (pie; ice cream)
Nightjar (pie; ice cream)
Fetch (pie; treacle tart)
KatieB (steak burger; treacle tart)
Jigs (pie; no dessert)
Mrs Jigs (veg board; no dessert)
Helegant (pie; mini-pud)
McGoohan (pie; treacle tart)
Liebling (pepper & tom risotto; no pud)
Rosehip (panfried cod; Choc fondant)
HellsBells (panfried cod; choc fondant)
SarahWoo (rigatoni; choc fondant)
MrWoo (cod; no pud)
Fenland Flier (ham hock with side of chips)
Elsie Too (pan fried cod; coconut pannacotta)
Doc Moye (cod; Choc fondant)
MoyeFam3 (burger; Choc fondant)
Trin (veggie board; treacle tart)
orbness (fish chips; treacle tart)
Badger (pie; Choc fondant)

Serendippily (maybe)
BaronessBL (strong possibility)
Drell (probably)
Badger (highly likely)
EdJ (presumably)
Wine Legs (most likely)
HoD (possible)

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