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Ladies Who Lift...

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21 Nov
8:12pm, 21 Nov 2018
7508 posts
Long time no comment from me.... after a 6 week gym break I returned last week.

Second PT session in a while tonight - my back squat had been increasing to 45kg but did 32.5kg tonight. I’m 15 weeks pregnant and struggled for the last 7 weeks with nausea/ tiredness but determined to get back to strength work. Managed my usual shoulder press/ lat raise etc. I seem to fatigue quicker on sets but hoping It might improve again!!

Unknown territory training with huge boobs and expanding belly ....
21 Nov
9:29pm, 21 Nov 2018
36883 posts
Congratulations LouLou, hope everything goes well for you. :)
30 Nov
10:53am, 30 Nov 2018
7509 posts
I've been lurking here for a little while now... not feeling like I truly 'belong' here yet, but I've now been lifting weights for about 5 weeks and am really enjoying it.

And today I deadlifted 50kg for the first time, so am feeling pretty chuffed.
1 Dec
7:32pm, 1 Dec 2018
1485 posts
Well done! The hardest bit is just getting to the weights & having a go!

I have another powerlifting competition tomorrow (organised by a gym themselves). Just hoping I make the weight for the lighter category - it's close, so no breakfast before weigh in!
6 Dec
8:57pm, 6 Dec 2018
1490 posts
I just made the 65kg category (weighed in at 64.9kg!) - only 3 of us in that weight, and I came second (woman who also trains with my PT beat me by 7.5kg).

Bench was worse than usual, and only made one lift at 40kg - tried 45kg twice, but just got stuck. Made all 3 lifts in squat & deadlift though, with new PBs in both :) For squat, I managed 85, 90 & 95kg. For deadlift, I made 115, 125 & 130kg. Never thought I'd make those weights this year!

Have been pretty gubbed this week, so first session back in gym will be tomorrow night with PT to go over new sessions.
7 Dec
7:06am, 7 Dec 2018
7515 posts
Huge well done idle_wilder - those squats and deadlifts look tasty numbers! you can't knock two PBs out of 3.

Cath - 50kg is strong deadlift for a short history of weight training.

I'm doing one gym session a week - we've changed from back squat to landmine squats to get some depth. I'm not feeling as strong but want to keep doing gym work during my pregnancy - may change when I get bigger! Difficulty just now is getting sports bras/ clothes that fit!!!
7 Dec
8:18am, 7 Dec 2018
7555 posts
Thanks. I got up to 55kg yesterday, so feeling good about that. I suspect my progress will slow a little now as that did feel tough, whereas 50kg felt ‘within me’.

I can’t even imagine lifting the weights you’re lifting IW - kudos to you!
7 Dec
8:27am, 7 Dec 2018
37203 posts
Awesome lifting IW, well done! :)
8 Dec
12:41pm, 8 Dec 2018
231 posts
Wow! I’m not much less than you in weight IW and those lifts are mere dreams for me. Congratulations! Lots of hard work went into those PBs. Great lifting Cath - always a boost to see the numbers increase. A lack of consistency, loss of confidence and getting older means my lifts are no so good these days unfortunately.

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