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8:12pm, 23 May 2019
9297 posts
The Boris Johnson buffoon image is all part of his down to earth media appeal. The fact that he is a bent, nasty, deceitful and dangerous bastard seems to be overlooked, not to mention the fact that was a national embarrassment as foreign secretary.
8:36pm, 23 May 2019
9298 posts

Balanced it out for you TMW
9:32pm, 23 May 2019
1826 posts
Spot on Joopsy. That's exactly the comments my missus makes about Boris. Underneath the twatty exterior is a right evil bastard.
9:40pm, 23 May 2019
6760 posts
Too Much Water
I heard an interesting podcast today by someone called Matt Forde, some comedian who interviews politicians. He was bemoaning the polarisation of politics which is certainly evident on this forum. He mentioned William Hague and Farage as people he didn’t agree with politically but who he had enjoyed debating with. His point was debating with people forces you to assess what you believe in yourself, otherwise you only discuss things with people you already agree with.

It’s sad to see so many closed minds, categorising people as evil, is that really what you believe? Couldn’t you settle for “wrong”, if you disagree with them?

Reading this forum it seems like some people wouldn’t donate their blood / organs to anyone who didn’t have the correct political views.
9:48pm, 23 May 2019
8686 posts
(Temporarily suspending my own rule).

On the contrary, I enjoy *debating* with those that have opposing viewpoints. I have to do it for work too. And it has definitely helped me understand why I hold the views I do and the reasons I have for holding them. And also helped me understand why I have the biases I have, the prejudices I have and the views I have.

It has also taught me the value of being able to back up your *opinion* with *evidence.* And the quality of evidence (particularly in a political sense).

And as to your latter point. I'm a potential organ donor - I have my card. My family knows my wishes and they can go to anyone who needs them when I die. I hope they make the best use of them.
9:48pm, 23 May 2019
1829 posts
It's also sad to see people being classified on one comment. But that's life. Crack on.
9:50pm, 23 May 2019
1830 posts
And wrong is difficult to ascertain. You could be right but with evil intentions.

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