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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Predictive text thread

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12 Jul
7:11am, 12 Jul 2019
521 posts
What happens next to you and the wind blows you to the finish line
12 Jul
7:52am, 12 Jul 2019
43480 posts
The finish line was not working on the right hand side
12 Jul
8:41am, 12 Jul 2019
32921 posts
Side effects with the kidnapping of the eaglets is an old man in his own soundtrack
12 Jul
8:51am, 12 Jul 2019
38462 posts
His own soundtrack was the first one day of the year in a while so I’m not going on a bike ride with you
18 Jul
7:46am, 18 Jul 2019
40483 posts
Ride with you later in traffic on a bus. The bus is going to Alton
18 Jul
9:01am, 18 Jul 2019
38589 posts
Going to Alton was a great season and a good night out for the next week or two.
18 Jul
11:05am, 18 Jul 2019
2859 posts
Or two of them will have you in a bit of pain and I will have to see if you can help us with the next door
18 Jul
11:57am, 18 Jul 2019
43585 posts
Next door is a lot better than the wine I had with my family for dinner

Got something to say?

To contribute to the discussion, you need to either sign in or register as a user.

About This Thread


It occurs to me that some people are unaware of the rules of the game so I will explain them now.

Unfortunately I'm going to explain them in predictive text, so it may not be that helpful.

The rules of the game is at number

1 you should not to worry about you all have the same thing
2. The best thing to do with the omitted from one place is called for by his father
3. First place for this morning is good news about my hair

Hope that helped sex with a fish.


Number number number.

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