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21 Aug
11:27am, 21 Aug 2014
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If you're a developer and interested in working with a Fetch API, post a message here :-)

21 Aug
11:52am, 21 Aug 2014
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21 Aug
11:56am, 21 Aug 2014
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21 Aug
11:57am, 21 Aug 2014
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Running style?
21 Aug
12:00pm, 21 Aug 2014
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I'm not really a developer, but I do tend to log my activities across several sites and being able to script via a REST (or similar) API would be brilliant.
21 Aug
1:23pm, 21 Aug 2014
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Dan - it should be along the lines of:

1) register for some developer keys
2) use the keys to grab a token
3) accompany your request with the token

The above will give you the scope to adjust things within your own account, but it'll also be possible for users to authorise an app to act on their behalf.
21 Aug
2:06pm, 21 Aug 2014
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I'm in the same position as Dan.
21 Aug
2:13pm, 21 Aug 2014
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add another to the list. Scripting mainly, although will play with proper development during non-working periods. Been looking for a project to keep me occupied during the darker nights :-)
21 Aug
8:40pm, 21 Aug 2014
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*evening bump*
21 Aug
8:55pm, 21 Aug 2014
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I'm interested, I really want to be able to upload multiple files and would like to code it if possible.

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We're very much in the "gently trying things out" stage, but please join in if you're interested in working with a Fetch API:

Get your developer keys here:
Link (roll over me to see where I go)

And a basic PHP client example here:
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With thanks to Badger, here's a Python version:
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Available methods:
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Join the developer group here:
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If you'd care to port the client into another language, please let me know, and I can upload it to share with others.

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