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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Compression Tights

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12 Jul
10:56pm, 12 Jul 2012
3458 posts
I got a massage today and my masseuse who is also a keen triathlete was going on about the benefits of compression tights for recovery. I'm pretty much sold on the idea but am new to the concept

What are you experiences? Are some brands better or worse than others? Are they worth the money? Would you wear them under work clothes? Anything I forgot to ask but should have?
12 Jul
10:58pm, 12 Jul 2012
9009 posts
Skins are supposed to be one of the best.
They certainly charge as though they are.
I'm aware of the concept but yet to see it have any affect on my running - but I'm certainly no expert or elite runner.
Others will certainly be along soon to add thier twopeny worth.
12 Jul
10:59pm, 12 Jul 2012
2024 posts
I use them for recovery.. Very good after a hard marathon etc. I prefer 2xu to skins. I find skins a little thin and the compression in the 2xu ones is better.
13 Jul
12:19am, 13 Jul 2012
First-time poster!!
Wouldnt be without my recovery legs, Ive tried skins which are good but have been using Compressport Full legs for the past 2 years and cannot fault them and they are not tight on the groin like the skin tights perfect addition to aid recovery post long runs/sessions/&races

13 Jul
12:24am, 13 Jul 2012
5061 posts
i always wear mine whilst running + at Home + in bed asleep + on flights to and fro for a european Marathon. have got 4 pairs (great piece of kit)
10 Oct
5:18pm, 10 Oct 2012
3483 posts
So I finally bought some (orcca for about £30 from Start Fitness).

I have been injured recently so have worn them to bed. On the plus side, I didn't get too hot. I was planning to wear them at the gym and more frequently but they take so long to put on and take off that I don't think I'll bother.

I'm not really convinced if they will be any benefit for recovery but I guess I'd be able to make a better assessment when I'm fit enough to do a long run and compare fatigue with and without.

One annoyinhg thing about them is that I'm carrying some extra poundage these days. I'm streamlined enough in normal tights but these compression tights give aseriously unflatering case of muffin top. It's like they force you to get the compression top too
10 Oct
5:29pm, 10 Oct 2012
5711 posts
I have skins & love them but never really thought much about if they make a difference, I tend to mainly use them during running but I wore them for a half marathon & my legs were right as rain next day - maybe they do work. Definitely want some more but might try one of the recommendations above (skins are expensive)
10 Oct
5:33pm, 10 Oct 2012
10531 posts
Yorkshire Pie
I started wearing them for recovery about two or three long runs into my marathon training and my legs seemed to recover much faster - whether it's the effect of the training or the tights I'm not sure though! I've also now got some shorts/capris to run in, although I do find them much warmer than "normal" shorts capris.

I got some skins shorts for £16, I think they were on chain reaction cycles? I didn't think that was *too* bad. My tights are 2xu
12 Oct
10:35pm, 12 Oct 2012
13769 posts
I like my orca and sugoi ones, in the warmer months I have worn my quad guards to sleep in as they are not quite as hot as the leggings and its mostly the quads where I get doms
13 Oct
9:11pm, 13 Oct 2012
First-time poster!!
Er... New to all this running lark... Y wear them? Wot do they actually do?

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