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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

FetchPoint: The Game

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17 Feb
8:19pm, 17 Feb 2019
9219 posts
Little Nemo
Today's cycle ride won't load properly from Garmin so I'm going to miss out on tomorrow's bug bonus.

17 Feb
8:26pm, 17 Feb 2019
11792 posts
Garmin has been struggling all day :(
17 Feb
8:48pm, 17 Feb 2019
9221 posts
Little Nemo
Thanks Rosehip, at least it's not just me!
17 Feb
8:51pm, 17 Feb 2019
32399 posts
Facebook has been full of saying Garmin connect not working
17 Feb
9:12pm, 17 Feb 2019
994 posts
Oo, I got lucky with my run uploading with no probs then.

Advice required: I’ve got an infected bug which I tried to squish today. I ran as close to the fence as I could but still missed it. This suggests it was infected from the other side which would make it part of a sports complex. Fair to mark as inaccessible even though by definition of it being infected someone must have accessed it?
17 Feb
9:20pm, 17 Feb 2019
3630 posts
Garmin back up and running now so reconnect your watches etc and it should work fine
17 Feb
9:22pm, 17 Feb 2019
10396 posts
Pothunter, yes, I'd say so, anything you'd have to pay money to access is a bit out of the scope of the game for me.
17 Feb
9:33pm, 17 Feb 2019
996 posts
Cheers badger :-)

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1) The scoreboard and markers don't 'reset' on the first of the month any more. They work on a rolling 30 day system.
2) You only need to worry about red bugs.

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