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22 May
3:30pm, 22 May 2019
21921 posts
23 May
10:17am, 23 May 2019
432 posts
Here's a list of the feature requests currently relating to fetchpoint: the game:

fetcheveryone.com/featurerequests.php#feature53 Fetchpoint and conquercise together on a map.
fetcheveryone.com/featurerequests.php#feature142 Fetchpoint features on ‘Add a Route’ page.
fetcheveryone.com/featurerequests.php#feature154 Sticky table headings for leaderboard.
fetcheveryone.com/featurerequests.php#feature171 Add scope and duration for inaccessibility marking.
fetcheveryone.com/featurerequests.php#feature194 Different flower drop rate based on activity type.
23 May
10:34pm, 23 May 2019
2991 posts
Is it just me? My walks today haven't come across from Garmin :-(
One at lunchtime, one this evening (deliberately chosen to squish my bug)
They're in Garmin Connect
23 May
10:48pm, 23 May 2019
21926 posts
It looks like there have been over 2500 successful imports today, so in general, everything looks like it's running well. In the short term, you can export/import your run to your Fetch log using this guide:


When you get a chance, go for a trot around the garden, and log an activity to see if it imports.
23 May
10:55pm, 23 May 2019
3321 posts
My import from Garmin on Tuesday didn't bring across anything other than the barest of details, no route, no heart rate, just the laps. I re-imported the fit file tonight and it's picked everything up this time.
24 May
8:57am, 24 May 2019
21928 posts
I found the issue with your original import from Tuesday Molesey. It was affecting 1 in 256 training entries, so you got pretty unlucky.

Technical stuff: we store the GPS data in a nested directory structure, with 256 top level directories, each holding 256 sub-directories. The reason for this comes down to making reading and writing of data as quick as possible. Except there were only 255 top level directories; so therefore 1 in 256 entries were disappearing.
24 May
9:29am, 24 May 2019
434 posts
Missed it by *that much* (ala Maxwell Smart, agent 86).

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