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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Senior Moments - log them here

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6 Apr
6:08pm, 6 Apr 2019
1636 posts
At break yesterday morning I made myself a cup of tea and a glass of squash... You can fill in the rest.
8 Apr
10:43am, 8 Apr 2019
2085 posts
Had insurance renewal email through for my Morris Minor - which tends to spend half its time off the road. Used price comparison site to fine better quote, and renewed. Have just had a call from the new insurer to say that I insured the Minor with them last December.
It would appear that at some point, when I put it back on the road I took out insurance without realising that I already had insurance. Fortunately this time the comparison site threw up the company I'm already insured with.
18 Apr
3:48pm, 18 Apr 2019
3782 posts
Thinking it was Friday I strolled out of my office at 3.30 and have been waiting in the car for Mr Lemon (we car share) wondering why he is late. Turns out it’s Thursday, meant to work until 4. Still, pointless going back in now...
22 Apr
7:50am, 22 Apr 2019
1719 posts
Making a cup of tea this morning, reached into the fridge to get the milk, about to pour it in and realised it was a bottle of wine :-O

I had already taken the milk out of the fridge.
22 Apr
4:17pm, 22 Apr 2019
1247 posts
Made a cafetiere of coffee for myself and Mrs WM with a side order of hot-cross buns. Carried the coffee and buns into the living room then decided some cups & saucers might come in handy too. Compounded my daftness by knocking over the cafetiere when we went to top-up our coffees ..
22 Apr
4:30pm, 22 Apr 2019
4131 posts
Eynsham Red
I went looking for some shoes in the fridge of our motorhome this morning. When confronted by the usual inhabitants of the fridge I realized that I should be looking for my shoes in the small locker underneath it.

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