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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Open Water Swimming

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6 Dec
7:35pm, 6 Dec 2018
1288 posts
Follow up question: with the gps under the hat, do you start it before you put the hat on, or after? It’s probably a very silly question, but I can’t see it being entirely easy to hit the right button! Hope I’m wrong...
6 Dec
7:55pm, 6 Dec 2018
453 posts
Yes, that bit bugs me as it might affect my time a little but its a good incentive to jump in and get swimming straight away... if you start it before you put your hat on you can at least see it has started and I set mine to bee every 500m so I know its still on and how far I have gone :)
6 Dec
8:57pm, 6 Dec 2018
1217 posts
I have seen swimmers at my local lake put their GPS watch inside the safety float they tow. So presumably they start the watch before they inflate it and get in the water, and then do some crafty GPS cropping afterwards.
6 Dec
9:24pm, 6 Dec 2018
3389 posts
A lot of GPS watches can be set to auto-pause if you are stationary - however they might struggle to distinguish my swimming speed from stationarity!
7 Dec
7:14am, 7 Dec 2018
24768 posts
I put my watch in the tow float but don't bother with the cropping - it's only a few steps from the boot of the car, where I get ready, to the water.
7 Dec
7:17am, 7 Dec 2018
24769 posts
(And, having now read Oranj's post properly, my tow float is always inflated and the watch goes in the pocket on top, so any delay before I get swimming is irrelevant- especially given how slowly I swim!!)
7 Dec
9:14am, 7 Dec 2018
1220 posts
Ah, maybe that's what people are doing - putting the watch in a pocket. I've never used a tow float so I've got no idea how they work.
8 Dec
11:11am, 8 Dec 2018
3523 posts
:-) deflated, there’s room for shoes & more in mine, it’s designed as a waterproof swimmers tow 🧳. I should try it one day, but then I’d have soggy towfloat to carry home. I’ve seen people do it swimming downstream in the Derwent river at Froggatt - they said they were going at least as far as Chatsworth. (would like to have seen them negotiate the rocks & weir at next village down )
NE, I haven’t been in water less than 4c after a run, this is probably irrelevant - but if I had remembered to wear shorts under my leggings this morning, half an hour ago I would have waded in, maybe dipped, for a few minutes after a hard (for me) run, water is 11c here. It really helps me with (simple age related wear & tear) arthritis, but has to be straight after the run, & I can’t get shoes back on wet feet so mincy-walk last bit home carrying them :-)
8 Dec
4:56pm, 8 Dec 2018
4812 posts
Northern Exile
Thanks Ferret 🙂

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There didn't seem to be a thread devoted to open water swimming, so I thought I'd start one. if no...

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