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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Hanging out the washing thread

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22 Jul
4:03pm, 22 Jul 2019
28507 posts
Oh crap I just remembered there is washin in the machine. It would have had to be hung indoors anyway.
22 Jul
6:04pm, 22 Jul 2019
35104 posts
Lip Gloss
I've just hung out bedding as it's warm but very breezy
23 Jul
7:23am, 23 Jul 2019
35119 posts
Lip Gloss
Towels out today:-) It's all I had left to wash
23 Jul
7:41am, 23 Jul 2019
2207 posts
Just pegged the washing out. It’s so hot 🥵 it shouldn’t take long to dry.
23 Jul
7:57am, 23 Jul 2019
4743 posts
Have run out of washing but got a load out first thing. :)
23 Jul
8:00am, 23 Jul 2019
23351 posts
Put a load on last night and hung it out before catching the bus this morning.
23 Jul
9:50am, 23 Jul 2019
28512 posts
Load out first thing. Another in the machine for when I get home at lunchtime.
23 Jul
9:55am, 23 Jul 2019
10393 posts
(I do my mum's washing for her as she has a tiny kitchen, she could have a freezer, or a washing machine... no brainer.)

Last night i did her load of bedding and towels, overnight I did my own load of bedding... and I popped another general load in before I went to work.

Erin has to get up, preferably before lunchtime and take 3 loads to nana's to hang out in the sunshine.....
23 Jul
5:44pm, 23 Jul 2019
33013 posts
Derby Tup
Stef has washed and dried three loads today star
23 Jul
7:35pm, 23 Jul 2019
6082 posts
star I could do with a Stef :)

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For lovers of the art of hanging the washing out:

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Terminology: 'Fluffing' -- Going out and runninng your hands over the washing just to feel whether still moist. Sometimes not needed but we all like to fluff.

Also for sharing photos of 'Extreme pegging'. Plastic or wooden they are all embraced here :)

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