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Ian Williams aka Fetch

The fat-tyre thread

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27 Apr
2:12pm, 27 Apr 2019
18932 posts
Stepford Wife
Been operated on this morning. Just got out of surgery. Not sure if he was trying to get out of the birthday shag or cooking her tea
27 Apr
2:46pm, 27 Apr 2019
8032 posts
What have they had to put together again then? Will he ever play the piano again? ;-)

A good northern lad would have been getting out of doing tea, surely...? And far too tight to take her out for a meal :-)
27 Apr
3:28pm, 27 Apr 2019
18933 posts
Stepford Wife
His arm and wrist now back together. I think he was cooking beans on toast. But after the ride.
28 Apr
8:50pm, 28 Apr 2019
470 posts
Took the thin(ish) tyres fat tyreing today

28 Apr
9:14pm, 28 Apr 2019
992 posts
Fairly fat, and tyred, alright šŸ˜ I just asked M where my Easter eeg has gone, and he said I can have it back in 12 hours šŸ˜³

So that saved me from increased fat. For the other thing Iā€™m just going to bed šŸ˜‹
29 Apr
6:31pm, 29 Apr 2019
18934 posts
Stepford Wife
Bit of drop bar dirty goodness. Must dig out the crosser
29 Apr
6:44pm, 29 Apr 2019
8038 posts
Noice :-)

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About This Thread

Since the last appearance of Kaph, some time ago... there are now three wheel sizes, and now new plus (+) tyres for the even more adventurous!

26 / 27.5 (650b) / 29 / 27.5+ (650b+) / 29+ / fat
whatever you ride, enjoy it :)

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