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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

The fat-tyre thread

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17 Mar
10:05pm, 17 Mar 2019
18916 posts
Stepford Wife
Oh, ffs, Catherine. Stop stressing about it, it’s a ride. We’ll not be going that far and will be diverted by interesting things. You can ride with us or three foot behind if you don’t want to ride with us.
17 Mar
10:06pm, 17 Mar 2019
18917 posts
Stepford Wife
Gobi - I’m not that fond of working on double tap as it always confuses me. E tap is even worse. But I’m interested to ride it at last. Not going to appear on one of my bikes so ....
17 Mar
10:39pm, 17 Mar 2019
7967 posts
You know how I stress about these things - particularly the sleeping outdoors bit... especially not wishing to do that alone.

I may well take you up on the offer, though. I fear John’s group might be a bit too full on this time for me.
17 Mar
11:09pm, 17 Mar 2019
18918 posts
Stepford Wife
It’s not really sleeping when it’s outdoors is it? More dozing occasionally
7:21am, 18 Mar 2019
7970 posts
This is true, yes. More like a series of little mocrosleeps.
8:26am, 18 Mar 2019
18919 posts
Stepford Wife
I’m presuming you snore at your age?
9:25am, 18 Mar 2019
7971 posts
I don’t, no. Only when I have a cold. As you’re a similar age, I presume you do...?
12:37pm, 18 Mar 2019
66500 posts
Lol !!!

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About This Thread

Since the last appearance of Kaph, some time ago... there are now three wheel sizes, and now new plus (+) tyres for the even more adventurous!

26 / 27.5 (650b) / 29 / 27.5+ (650b+) / 29+ / fat
whatever you ride, enjoy it :)

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