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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Peanut-chasers thread. No ponceball please.

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19 Mar
11:27am, 19 Mar 2019
6506 posts
paul the builder
I can think of a funny-accented hooker who might be pleased with this current state of affairs :-)

Maybe this was the problem which resulted in the whole idea of co-captains a while ago. EJ maybe recognised the issue, and hoped to paper over the cracks that way.

I don't think there's a neat solution though - changing now to someone else unproven is a hell of a risk.

At least no-ones talking about Robshaw. I assume we're not talking about Robshaw, right? Please god.
19 Mar
11:38am, 19 Mar 2019
27590 posts
There's an obvious reason why Ford was able to change things, it's easier to think with a clear head when you're not in the heat of battle. Seeing things from the sidelines is much easier. Having a fly half as good as Ford on the bench meant that Jones could have changed things earlier. Ford also wasn't responsible for the mess that occurred beforehand. Were the England players to busy thinking about what they'd thrown away rather than what they needed to do to get back in control?

TBH I think part of the issue was they lost intensity at the end of the first half and started doing stuff they wouldn't have tried if they thought the game was competitive and would have been punished if Scotland were playing well at all.
19 Mar
1:08pm, 19 Mar 2019
18161 posts
ptb, changing would be a hell of a risk, but given we're never going to win the world cup as it stands, I'd say not doing so is at least as bad. If the Scots can exploit it so easily, the ABs or Boks will be laughing. I'd say it is a risk that has to be taken. Might as well go down fighting (and that's not a request to bring back the ex-co-captain!).

SPR - yep, agree, esp with the last paragraph, but that's what a strong skipper on the field would prevent.

Who's Robshaw?
19 Mar
2:55pm, 19 Mar 2019
5055 posts
Dai Bank
There are a few of things that I think need addressing after my viewing of many of the matches this last few weeks.
1. I think we now need 2 refs at test level, managing both offside lines at set piece, throw in, kick off is beyond the capability of one imo. The number of times the offside line was breached, the squint put-ins, the scrum offences when the ref was on one side and the assistant Ref was too far away to see detail are now too blatant. Of course, the players are going to exploit any inability to view a position but the speed of a back line now is so fast to be unmanageable by one ref, even if they do have a video ref and 2 asst Refs. They need someone closer to the action.
2. Farrell becomes a liability when the game changes adversely. He lacks control and tries to rectify any mistakes by himself or others without regard to the consequences. This occasionally materialises in the dangerous tackles where he has been lucky to avoid serious sanction. He has to have help to overcome this imo.
3. Coaching is all but the players must retain the capacity to change things themselves.
I've been thinking about this aspect for a while and how to accomplish it when I read the GB Hockey "think Thursday"article in the Times today(paywall protected sadly) where the players were set challenges on Wednesday and they were then expected to work out plans to deal with the challenges and then play on Thursday, without Coach involvement. This has to be something worth copying for all teams in any sport, let alone Test Rugby teams.
19 Mar
3:30pm, 19 Mar 2019
14916 posts
Angus Clydesdale
We were talking last weekend at the Sco v Wal about how fast the backs are up on each other and reflecting that the 10-yard retreat hasn’t changed in all these years, but the athletes are way faster than they used to be.
31 Mar
4:54pm, 31 Mar 2019
407 posts
Paul N
Racing spoiling the sheets again
1 Apr
12:31pm, 1 Apr 2019
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This is taking family loyalty a bit far now!

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