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What really grinds your gears?

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27 Jun
9:26pm, 27 Jun 2017
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Fragile Do Not Bend
People who read a Facebook post then stick their reply in the comments apparently without even glancing briefly at the comments already posted.
27 Jun
11:25pm, 27 Jun 2017
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Hills of Death (HOD)
Like when I posted in caravan thread and told people a few comments it went for asking price and people put it's not worth that price. Read the fucking comments
27 Jun
11:27pm, 27 Jun 2017
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Jovi Runner
A woman who glared at me today when she stopped dead in the street without warning when walking just ahead of me on a busy street & then glared at me when I walked into her.
10:24am, 28 Jun 2017
2133 posts
Scumputers :-(

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